50 Beowulf... But I Made it Fire WAYYYY Faster!!!

2020. 11. 24.
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  • proudly downvoted.

  • There was no recoil at all

    EnviWolf909_Is and SCPEnviWolf909_Is and SCP4 일 전
  • Bro cant belive he missed

    EnviWolf909_Is and SCPEnviWolf909_Is and SCP4 일 전
  • Nick is *always* my favorite guest

    Seth KaufmanSeth Kaufman4 일 전
  • Heavy as 10 boxes.

    TalanTalan4 일 전
  • its an angry drunk stallion

    Ross ParkerRoss Parker4 일 전
  • the slow motion of the bullets coming out of the gun is the best part. need that as a wallpaper.

    Shaun MartinShaun Martin4 일 전
  • Druuuuuum maaaaag?????

    timmy da bananatimmy da banana5 일 전
  • Hey if i was white and i had a friend and he was black i would had a guy named reaper nickname by the u.s. military..i would show him as a trophy

    Antonio MontanaAntonio Montana5 일 전
  • The stock might snap.......... *proceeds to shoots full auto*

    Nathan OlszewskiNathan Olszewski6 일 전
  • Your definitely borderline racist! U wouldn't think the way u do if you weren't

    Jonathan LacroixJonathan Lacroix7 일 전
  • What would be cool is pov on the barrel gives the viewer a feeling of being thier lol

    Sean WilsonSean Wilson7 일 전
  • I need one

    Fat BastardFat Bastard9 일 전
  • 7:56 he hit the blue cap on right corner

    META 19991META 199919 일 전
  • I want one im on a hunt for a beowulf now

    Urban ArmyUrban Army10 일 전
  • i want a beowulf ecr

    Blob BeebBlob Beeb10 일 전
  • Not automatic but semi automatic would be perfect favorite gun in the whole world and I’m only about every dollar it cost away from owning one

    Dad AdamsDad Adams11 일 전
  • Awesome awesome awesome I’ve always wanted a 50 Cal Beowulf A.R.

    Dad AdamsDad Adams11 일 전
  • Republicans And Black People In The Mind of A Democrat : 0:26 Republicans And Black People In real life : 2:38

    Clark MirkBellClark MirkBell11 일 전
  • That guy gets terrified easily.

    CapttainnCapttainn11 일 전
  • First Bolter. Maybe, Matt can create bolter from Warhammer 40k.

    Конрад КёрзКонрад Кёрз12 일 전
  • I want one

    Derek RicheyDerek Richey12 일 전
  • Is there something i’m missing? What do black people have to do with watermelons?

    Benjamin TotallynotaltBenjamin Totallynotalt13 일 전
  • Is this what they were talking about when they said their shoulder was sour from an ar-15?

    Benjamin TotallynotaltBenjamin Totallynotalt13 일 전
  • This just screams America

    Internet GarbageInternet Garbage14 일 전
  • full auto .50 bmg

    nono14 일 전

    ConstiConsti14 일 전
  • bro can you get a P226 X FIVE please? I'm 14 years old and I'm from Brazil I'm your fan

    Josh GMJosh GM14 일 전
  • 0:37 is Nazi vs running jew

    Chandler ThorneChandler Thorne14 일 전
  • i told mare

    blazefire wolfblazefire wolf14 일 전
  • This is the kind of gun that Everyone would get mad at if it was added to a video game

    DioDio14 일 전
  • That gun is amazing

    armando patanearmando patane14 일 전
  • Wait, you don't think Frag is cooters pet do you?

    WillJ18WillJ1814 일 전
  • Maverick

    Skyrioper 1338Skyrioper 133814 일 전
  • AR-50 vs AK-50

    An Epic MistakeAn Epic Mistake14 일 전

    Syndicate LeaderSyndicate Leader15 일 전
  • that sponsor segment TOTALLY wasnt scripted

    Pesky BirdPesky Bird15 일 전
  • 7 rounds? do maybe I could own one in California 🤔

    Porcelain HillPorcelain Hill15 일 전
  • Man this horse of a dude is a vet....saves lives, loves his wife and above all...shoots guns to no end. Talk about Mr.Perfect. Mare is one lucky gal.

    Zulu WhiskyZulu Whisky15 일 전
  • Family friendly more like america friendly, i like guns too

    user.01.12.05user.01.12.0515 일 전
  • 6:06 true friendship moment

    Kyle's KitchenKyle's Kitchen15 일 전
  • I never laughed so hard

    Roger JohnsonRoger Johnson15 일 전
  • holey shiiiiiiiit lmao

    Roger JohnsonRoger Johnson15 일 전
  • 7:50 in slow mo you can see matt shot a cap off one of them spray cans, talk about marksmanship lol (or luck hehe)

    Ka-50 Black SharkKa-50 Black Shark16 일 전
  • full auto frag

    Harper CarrollHarper Carroll16 일 전
  • resetting teammates

    ShrakeShrake16 일 전
  • I can be ur second black friend if u help me find and shoot my first gun

    Jayson MappJayson Mapp17 일 전
  • You need this in the millitery

    Henricko MakkinkHenricko Makkink17 일 전
  • Sup Frag!

    SlickWorksSlickWorks17 일 전
  • Why you don’t give three Americans a 50 Beowulf

    Karla SalinasKarla Salinas17 일 전
  • They got a prison toilet out there haha

    Joe DiggityJoe Diggity17 일 전
  • “I really like black people. I have a black friend!”

    Rhyse OlneyRhyse Olney17 일 전
  • I have it

    Jaegar MittleiderJaegar Mittleider17 일 전
  • when can i pre order?

    Kirill ObraztsovKirill Obraztsov17 일 전
  • That is basically Maverick's AR-15.50 but full auto from rainbow six seige.

    K.G.BK.G.B18 일 전
  • Every home Intruder is gangsta until the full auto 50 cal beowolf comes out 😂😂

    matt hillmatt hill18 일 전
  • Extreme penetrator rounds on the .50 Beowulf are insane would be cool to see them stop an Engine

    Bryce MillsBryce Mills19 일 전
  • The voracious badge chemically spell because overcoat ultrasonically hover as a shrill adult. petite, wealthy joke

    tito hotrodtito hotrod19 일 전
  • It 5 AM and im rolling at the "pyrple guy went PP in"

  • tell Frag i say "hi"

    Fauzie LeonhartFauzie Leonhart19 일 전
  • All this needs is a extended mag XD

    Op gamer 2017 DuffieldOp gamer 2017 Duffield19 일 전
  • I fear no man. But that thing... 6:05 It scares me.

    Bryton MassieBryton Massie20 일 전
  • Now you can defend your neighborhood from the comfort of your home!

    Bryton MassieBryton Massie20 일 전
  • can we address how that toilet literally vaporized upon being magdumped

    DrunkDrunk20 일 전
  • that gun is like that crazy redhead girl! when its fun it is really fun, but when things go south.... yea, you know what i mean!

    Daniel ÖstmanDaniel Östman20 일 전
    • Im oblivious, I wanna know

      Ka-50 Black SharkKa-50 Black Shark16 일 전
  • Anyone else count their shots as they fired? 6:12 i dont think he missed any of his shots at the red target. I counted 7 shots and they counted 7 hits..so? Lol

    Austin LaneAustin Lane20 일 전
  • Now you gotta get a drum mag for it.

    Some BodySome Body20 일 전
  • i'm sorry, who can i not tell?

    Rick LeonardRick Leonard20 일 전
  • awesome episode

    Juanramon HervasJuanramon Hervas20 일 전
  • The intro is just me playing gta

    ShamooShamoo21 일 전
  • 7:57 no cap

    Nover HoltNover Holt21 일 전
  • This reminds me of ak47 recoil in video games

    potatoOogwaypotatoOogway21 일 전
  • they invented paul

    Mafia Feline BossMafia Feline Boss21 일 전
  • How many rounds would it take to cut a light pole

    Skyler CableSkyler Cable22 일 전
  • I guess that is as close to a wh40k bolter as you can get ;)

    DominikDominik22 일 전
  • Petition for him to find a drum mag to put on it

    Charlie MajewskiCharlie Majewski22 일 전
  • 7 rounds is not enough

    Frogface139Frogface13922 일 전
  • The difficult twist pharmacodynamically snow because magician immunocytochemically announce without a macho plate. arrogant, elfin interviewer

    Anna PhamAnna Pham23 일 전
  • armadillo buddy, yay

    Flupp1Flupp123 일 전
  • Demo make Barret go brrrrrrrrrrt.

    Batman's Pet GoldfishBatman's Pet Goldfish23 일 전
  • Notice how at the beginning he said (human kind) and not (man kind)

    Elkin RaceElkin Race23 일 전
  • U should get a drum mag

    Adam CharestAdam Charest23 일 전
  • I havent watched the whole video but had he put a bump stick on or has it always been a full auto rifle?

    Real AtziaReal Atzia23 일 전
  • I miss my Slidefire Precision Stock! Number one giggle for even anti-gunner college girls to shoot! Always can I do it again. I don't think the world is safer now just less giggles and laughter!

    Stephen MitchellStephen Mitchell23 일 전
  • This is a great video.. but it's hilarious when you play it back at .25 speed.

    Matt WagenknechtMatt Wagenknecht23 일 전
  • As a 15 year plumber, I approve of this video! 👍🏻 Kill all the old toilets.

    Dano F. SmithDano F. Smith24 일 전
  • This video shows exactly why I love America and Americans

    Wooosh me if ur Mum dropped u as a babyWooosh me if ur Mum dropped u as a baby24 일 전
  • bump stock it

    Premium IdiotPremium Idiot24 일 전
  • the only thing that i can think of coming close to that would be a AA12 with slugs both 50cals to just a fully auto slug gun and what a gun lol

    Burnsy fishing and outdoorsBurnsy fishing and outdoors24 일 전
  • Same gun plus penetration jell?

    Gary KingGary King24 일 전
  • matt you need a drum mag... for this gun...

    Ice_Wolf76Ice_Wolf7624 일 전
  • They are fun. Ammo isn't too bad either. I got a few boxes of 350 grain hollow hollow points(20rnd boxes) for like $28 at Midway. It's a lot easier to get these than 556/223 right now.

    JT CorvinJT Corvin24 일 전
  • Guess you could say that is a fully semi automatic

    MixMix24 일 전
  • 8:10 I can smell this

    Jesse MartinezJesse Martinez24 일 전
  • LMAO!!!!!!!! BIDEN CALLS ANY ASSAULT RIFLE AN AR-14!!!!! Biden be like: My name is Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.

    Dashing Deer Hunting StoriesDashing Deer Hunting Stories24 일 전
  • Have you thought about making a protective shelter for the down range camera? Like a little GoPro bunker with a plexiglass view port so the video capture device stays in place no matter what.

    Cliff CampbellCliff Campbell25 일 전
  • Ask Black friend does he want to shoot the watermelons, quickly release that sounds racist.😂😂😂 great video boys

    Melo TVMelo TV25 일 전
  • Team 50 Beo

    Melo TVMelo TV25 일 전
  • i think u need a protective screen bro

    Andres AristaAndres Arista25 일 전
  • that was nice hahaha say hello to my little friend