Stanley Thermos LYING About Being BulletProof???

2020. 12. 03.
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  • It says "has" not "will" Matt, big difference. Aside, does anyone in the US use a 4in1 bucket on a Bobcat? It's the standard bucket here and they are so much more useful but I never see them on US machines.

    Marvin De BotMarvin De Bot6 시간 전
  • Test it with coffe in it maby its bulles proof for small runds

    Tim MitTim Mit19 시간 전
  • These videos are so stupid I can’t stop laughing 😂

    armando patanearmando patane일 전
  • There's no way you bought a bullpup KelTec, bruh, just no. 7:08

    SoggypestosSoggypestos2 일 전
  • Am I the only one who thought he hit a real animal? 2:49

    SoggypestosSoggypestos2 일 전
  • At 8:26 I paused the video and purchased a Kal-tec KS7 shotgun...then pressed play and continued my life as a happier man!

    SuperBeast0707SuperBeast07072 일 전
  • Tbh he did fix the hood..

    KillaAkuma_CIAKillaAkuma_CIA2 일 전
  • If they were filled with liquid it may have different results?

    Nicoli CarpathiaNicoli Carpathia2 일 전
  • To be fair in Seattle they are only allowed to throw bullets with their bare hands at people ... so...

    lovepeacelovepeace4 일 전
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    Hkghtniihb GjyhhHkghtniihb Gjyhh5 일 전
  • Wallllllllll Wall

    Blade SchliefBlade Schlief5 일 전
  • Wall

    daryl halldaryl hall5 일 전
  • Man are you on Drugs ?😂😂😂😂😂

    Sascha OldenburgSascha Oldenburg5 일 전
  • 7:12 I'm sure that that bullpup is designed after the awesomest M41A

    Doğa DoğuDoğa Doğu6 일 전
  • I really tought the guy's name was stanley thermos when i read the title.

    Gregory RechkalovGregory Rechkalov7 일 전
  • Wall

    Tiffany PommierTiffany Pommier7 일 전
  • @matt man if I had one vehicle that u guys desrtoy I'd be in a hole better place in life...I went from homeless left in the cold to working n saving enough to get a place and now a wife but I lost my license years ago I have no idea go to get them back n having to bump rides or take chances getting pulled over n possibly jail time im at a loss....I wanna start a go fund me to get my license cut its the only thing holding me back from a normal life well close enough to normal...I work 2full times jobs trying to get ahead but with no avail u are very blessed to do what I do and have what u happy im very happy for u and the fam but my family's falling apart over all this thanks for letting vent but I love youI) l))))''

    Clint HillClint Hill7 일 전
  • Must have rated the thermos for the venerable .22 short

    Jeremy PikeJeremy Pike8 일 전
  • Is it just me or does Matt have the BEST local gun store???

    Wizzle DizzleWizzle Dizzle8 일 전
  • They weren’t lying about the flying cartridge, cause it would stop that

    King_BOBKing_BOB8 일 전
  • Am I only one who are impressed with his throwing stuff skils?

    aleksandr Galvinsaleksandr Galvins8 일 전
  • Made $100k off ur merch and just destroys more vehicles with that money.. I cant complain 😂😂😂

    IIII9 일 전
  • Maybe fill them with water? :?

    Michaks91Michaks919 일 전
  • The claim might be from back when they were filled with charcoal powder

    turtle79070turtle7907010 일 전
  • 2:51 category 5 hurricane😁😂😭👈

    Jalen WatsonJalen Watson10 일 전
  • President Theodore Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt because of his notes in his pocket. Can paper stop a bullet?

    No OneNo One10 일 전
  • The hurricane test had me dying of laughter 🤣🤣

    matt hillmatt hill11 일 전
  • A bullet in your coffee is still better then a bullet in your chest but I get your point

    Issiah MccarthyIssiah Mccarthy12 일 전
  • Bro, think about putting a number on the targets, then it won't be a guessing game.

    Dillon GuglerDillon Gugler13 일 전
  • If I won I would just put up another donut operator one of butch lookin at him

    c hc h13 일 전
  • Never knew you had a skid steer

    worldsbestrifleman 1worldsbestrifleman 113 일 전
  • The amount of cars this man destroys makes me sad. Wish I could afford a new car :/

    DustinRay iPhoneDustinRay iPhone13 일 전
  • Quit breaking stuff!

    Victor JohnsonVictor Johnson13 일 전
  • Stanley bottles while watching the video be like: 👁👄👁

    SnappleSteve 123SnappleSteve 12314 일 전
  • E

    quinn coakleyquinn coakley14 일 전
  • Man, the first 3 minutes had me crackin up!

    Miles MckMiles Mck14 일 전
  • The intro was priceless 😂😂😂

    SSSpicyboySSSpicyboy15 일 전
  • probably resist with gyrojet

    Miruza NakiMiruza Naki15 일 전
  • Vid idea how many trees does it take to stop a 50 BMG

    BB GUN KingBB GUN King15 일 전
  • Wall

    Charles ReichleCharles Reichle15 일 전
  • Please test again with full sealed thermos.

    Martin SprickMartin Sprick16 일 전
  • 4:27 imagine getting shot with the swag gun

    77777716 일 전
  • Have you thought about fillin them with water?

    FrankDadFrankDad16 일 전
  • From Seabeck WA here... so basically "Seattle" for anyone from out of state... we know about speeding bullets out here boys! Juz say'n

    Justin TimeJustin Time16 일 전
  • in fairness to them , you didn't fill it with concrete soup

    the5711the571116 일 전
  • im sure the only thing this bottle could actually do is keep your liquid in it

    AmbientCoot87AmbientCoot8716 일 전
  • To be fair, the one that did survive could have been hit by a bullet that traveled though a wall or was hit by a stray bullet from a while away.

    GJSelectGJSelect16 일 전
  • Do you have a p90?

    Lee EberlyLee Eberly17 일 전
  • Sabot slugs are for rifled barrels. Rifled slugs are for smooth bore barrels. I believe your shotgun is smooth bore?

    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee17 일 전
  • What kind of tables??And where does he get them?!

    Gustav GordonGustav Gordon17 일 전
  • 45-70 extreme penetrator slow heavy round that won't break apart after the first few hits

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson18 일 전
  • You gotta test rounds from the year on the bottle lol

    gearprofessor394gearprofessor39418 일 전
  • Sorry but they meant fir you to throw it the entire billet at it.

    Cliff P73Cliff P7318 일 전
  • The angle your shooting at you can never!!! Hit the last one.

    Cliff P73Cliff P7318 일 전
  • Whistling shooter

    Cliff P73Cliff P7318 일 전
  • Wait... so this man birthed wislin diesel?

    Matthew NegreteMatthew Negrete18 일 전
  • speeding bullet, by definition, is not the same as a fired bullet. try to sling shot an entire round (casing and all) at one like the advertisement suggests. ;)

    Ashley AndersonAshley Anderson19 일 전
  • WALL

    Rory DaviesRory Davies19 일 전
  • Why do I imagine Mare tossing the items from off screen.

    Social Media MehamSocial Media Meham19 일 전
  • neither of these places know much about speeding bullets. lmfao

    Zak HallZak Hall19 일 전
  • no 50 cal?

    Implosion BeastImplosion Beast19 일 전
  • I did

    Mike & Kim DeVriesMike & Kim DeVries19 일 전
  • Yes i can vouch for that, Stanley can survive a speeding bullet.

    Stanley JenkinsStanley Jenkins19 일 전
  • That freedom factory tank in the intro tho 🔥🔥

    Andrew LarimoreAndrew Larimore19 일 전
  • Wall

    Stuart PearsonStuart Pearson19 일 전
  • When you shot the paint can I thought that was an actual bird

    Brian Quintanilla JrBrian Quintanilla Jr20 일 전
  • If you fill the bottle it would stop 🛑

    Tyler AnjuloTyler Anjulo20 일 전

    Peppermint ButlerPeppermint Butler20 일 전
  • lost in translation from chinese, there was a bullet race and stanley survived but... came in last

    faster thanufaster thanu20 일 전
  • hi

    Yevonne MontoyaYevonne Montoya20 일 전
  • I used to think @whistlindiesel had fun and some of the funniest content... Used to, matt is my new hero.

    Todd HewittTodd Hewitt20 일 전
  • The wholesale end logically suspect because beret subcellularly shade during a demonic neon. soft, clumsy insurance

    Dawn PalmerDawn Palmer21 일 전

    EravinoEravino22 일 전
  • Is that a bulpup shotty ew ew ew no get rid of that please that’s sooo dumb

    Shitposter 6 9Shitposter 6 922 일 전
  • Hey guys a suggestion maybe try engine blocks

    Michael DixonMichael Dixon22 일 전
  • Why do we not get to see how many Stanley Thermos' is takes to stop a .50?

    Cody NicklasCody Nicklas22 일 전
  • Seattle is getting it's lesson in speeding bullets this guy is hanging with upchurch and explains why I don't like blm

    Richard ForhurholesRichard Forhurholes22 일 전
  • Those headlights are legit

    Richard ForhurholesRichard Forhurholes22 일 전
  • No 50 bmg whaaat😭

    Jay JayJay Jay22 일 전
  • Wall

    Toms 3690Toms 369023 일 전
  • Filling them with liquid would have drastically altered the results of this test.

    Evil GeniusEvil Genius23 일 전
  • Set playback speed to 0.25 and go to 2:59 Thank me later

    Evil GeniusEvil Genius23 일 전
  • Wall

    chris williamschris williams23 일 전
  • .

    Black gaming ultimateBlack gaming ultimate23 일 전
  • Test Yeti Ramblers too

    Will TyrrellWill Tyrrell23 일 전
  • fast is how you beat armour 🙂

    Mateusz GrabowskiMateusz Grabowski23 일 전
  • 10:53 I thought he hit a bird by accident 😭

    Illuminatus ÆternusIlluminatus Æternus23 일 전
  • should of had water in it, probably would of increased its chance of stopping a bullet.

    TervaIentTervaIent24 일 전
  • Yea, I didn't know Seattle was the capital of China.

    Mikiee MiikeMikiee Miike24 일 전
  • "Made in China"

    Chairman Jao Bai DenChairman Jao Bai Den24 일 전
  • The only Guarantee about something being bullet proof come from Texas and Russia lol

    Ian UtzIan Utz24 일 전
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Vusal TağıyevVusal Tağıyev25 일 전
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    All About World War IIAll About World War II25 일 전
  • You know in like 9 or 10 years from know he will have enough guns for a small army

    the BEANSthe BEANS25 일 전
  • Okay. So technically a 22 it will save you from. Which sucks cause when the last time someone was carrying a .22 and died from it. Hmmm I feel like I should Google this but eh nah

    Z32 TwinTurboZ32 TwinTurbo25 일 전
  • I'm from Seattle washington I've shoten a gun so I know about speeding bullets

    Bogdan_ MazBogdan_ Maz25 일 전
  • @5:00 this is the best accidental argument for the "stopping power of the 45".

    somethin somethinsomethin somethin25 일 전
  • I survive but not my coffee? Can you even call that living?

    Mr DevittMr Devitt25 일 전
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    rust Duo ttvrust Duo ttv25 일 전

    Jose ZJose Z26 일 전