Ultimate Colt Python Torture Test

2020. 10. 23.
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  • ask Brandon to bullpup it

    Mario Oscar FloresMario Oscar Flores시간 전
  • Not gonna lie Brandon looks like Bucky from Marvel in this video

    Anthony BrownAnthony Brown12 시간 전
  • This video didn’t age well when he said there’s no snow here in texas

    Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera14 시간 전
  • I mean, it's a bunch of wasted food...Just shoot it with a 50 BMG would be better.

    Joao Henrique NeuhausJoao Henrique Neuhaus17 시간 전
  • live the intro

    Mernolurg PlopMernolurg Plop19 시간 전
  • the american police force- "i can still see it..." *gunshots*

    Alexander pelkyAlexander pelky20 시간 전
  • So f***ing damn cool

    ConVallyConVally20 시간 전

    Luca’s STUDIOLuca’s STUDIO22 시간 전
  • Next video we will tar and feather the Python.

    CactusCactus22 시간 전
  • Hey thanks guys. I was having a horrible shitty day. You all made me laugh so much it fixed it. Thanks.

    Jerry EubanksJerry Eubanks22 시간 전
  • Matt: Brandon can’t have a gun yet. Brandon: * *flashes appendix carry* * Never change, y’all.

    Josh KnightJosh Knight일 전
  • “Don’t have that much snow here in Texas” lol well that aged well 😂

    Anthony LupoAnthony Lupo일 전
  • it's only missing 9hole reviews, forgotten weapons and kalashnikov group then we'd have all my favourite firearm youtubers in one video.

    Blast FurnaceBlast Furnace일 전
  • Nobody: Americans: *Pouring syrup on a gun*

    LordKlötenklatschLordKlötenklatsch2 일 전
  • "Dont have much snow here in TX" that one didn't age well

    Fishing With MarkFishing With Mark2 일 전
  • Omg the intro I laughed sooo hard I peed omg hahaha

    JjawesomecoolioJjawesomecoolio2 일 전
  • when he says not much snow in texis ahaha

    Bailey GouthroBailey Gouthro2 일 전
  • The lard is literally just 18th century by lube 😂 lolz

    Carl Red BirdCarl Red Bird3 일 전
  • Extra thicc huh 👀

    Brutal_ GunnerBrutal_ Gunner3 일 전
  • "I was shootin' some of bubba's piss hot reloads" 😂

    The Shlankie Bros miscThe Shlankie Bros misc3 일 전
  • Ahhhh good ole Sherman tank. Perfect for picking up the groceries.

    zeron masterzeron master3 일 전
  • So I'm watching this as theres a massive blizzard in Texas so... AK guy jinxed yall @8:40 ish

    robby49errobby49er3 일 전

    Yiğit ŞenelYiğit Şenel3 일 전
  • That poor colt python

    Tacticool MillenialTacticool Millenial4 일 전
  • Oh no...

    Ingba LuwangIngba Luwang4 일 전
  • oh geez..wasting that colt phyton makes me feel sad..matt can i replace that colt phyton with homemade gun for you to destroy? here in philippines were happy to have homemade gun for home defense.we cant afford that kind of gun it so expensive.

    Lady AlburoLady Alburo4 일 전
  • "Don't have much snow in texas" that aged well

    Chad KChad K4 일 전

    Mansoor SakhaMansoor Sakha4 일 전
  • How dare you torture Gordon Freeman's favorite revolver. great video

    SkittleJuiceSkittleJuice4 일 전
  • If he is not aloud to have a gun yet then y DOES he knife

    Amanda HughesAmanda Hughes4 일 전
  • I want that handgun and here you are burning it... must be nice to be rich and bored.

    Daniel SoucyDaniel Soucy5 일 전
  • I almost feel bad for the python no I do feel bad for the python

    Yummy _Yummy _5 일 전
  • Big gun: POW AK: ajejfehgsiacngiuwybtcfo86en go9n7caw7c8gyqi8

    GumDerGumDer5 일 전
  • This is my favorite fire arm youtubers: Demolition Ranch, Brandon Herrera, Kentucky Ballistics.

    henry Spacehenry Space5 일 전
  • You got a whole lot of snow now

    D RockD Rock5 일 전
  • “Don’t have much snow here in Texas” Aged like Fine Wine

    Watch yo JetWatch yo Jet5 일 전
    • Don’t you mean aged like box wine in a single moms house

      tomthetitan3tomthetitan33 일 전
  • Does he sell the stands

    upchurch and calhounupchurch and calhoun5 일 전
  • Still one of the funniest videos of Matt’s🤣

    jj blingjj bling6 일 전
  • I withdrew from society, closed the curtains and just cried. Poor Python.. Matt, may a rabid sexually frustrated dog mistake your legs as two lovely poodles and kibbles n bits.

    Eric HamiltonEric Hamilton6 일 전
  • 8:35 boy does he regret this now

    Blaker RandomBlaker Random6 일 전
  • We don't get much snow in Texas.... ok Brandon 🤣🤣 no wonder why My ak shirt is delayed now.

    Darth RenDarth Ren7 일 전
  • I love the channel truly, and i understand that content such as this is what is necessary to keep the funding at appropriate levels,..i guess im a bit too poor to enjoy the destruction of something i would have to save a couple months to afford...maybe longer actually. I guess in reality this video seperates the classes by who enjoys watching and who doesn't.

    Cameron Lee LeatherworksCameron Lee Leatherworks7 일 전
  • #SnakeLivesMatter

    TVTV7 일 전
  • And Scott looks like he went down on the Pilsbury Dough Boy

    john raganjohn ragan8 일 전
  • That’s why you never use a revolver on a stripper

    john raganjohn ragan8 일 전
  • I think your intro is vary vary funny

    Jacob TateJacob Tate8 일 전
  • u can’t tie the am guy up that’s animal abuse the

    mr. mustachemr. mustache8 일 전
  • 0:50 AK-50 is a myth Change my mind

    Unrelenting FactsUnrelenting Facts9 일 전
  • that is the same gun that rick uses in the walking dead

    denki kaminaridenki kaminari9 일 전
  • The table in invincible ...

    Gustav GordonGustav Gordon10 일 전
  • *physical pain*

    Big Boy BillBig Boy Bill10 일 전
  • Cold Lucas stop leak oil?? Lets see something like that.

    Andy BouwmanAndy Bouwman10 일 전
  • i saw the video branden's vidoe

    JIM MellingsJIM Mellings11 일 전
  • The crossover of the century

    Coopdawg 720Coopdawg 72011 일 전
  • Please stop destroying guns... Dems are trying to take them all from us

    Wes vWes v11 일 전
  • Why? What a waste of a beautiful firearm 😑 You should be banished to the island of high points and given a gold plated high point to carry until you’ve done penance 💸

    Joey LandryJoey Landry11 일 전
  • That’s what I call a Canadian gun

    JackrailfanJackrailfan11 일 전
  • Nice to see you guys together

  • Democrats trying to take away guns be like:

    Demonslayer 2k8Demonslayer 2k811 일 전
  • Every time I’ve seen Matt cover a gun in glitter it never works after words

    GradyHunterCarsonPlaysGradyHunterCarsonPlays11 일 전
  • Is no one talking about the slow decline in ear protection after every frustrating test?

    John ThompsonJohn Thompson12 일 전

    The crazy dunkers MThe crazy dunkers M12 일 전
  • 4:00 plot twist the ak guy was standing there and got shot

    Golden Experience RequiemGolden Experience Requiem13 일 전
  • 12:23 ak daddy thought we weren’t going to notice him about to eat that peanut butter with his finger

    Let’s go PikachuLet’s go Pikachu13 일 전
  • Rick grimes would not be happy

    wilemaniac24wilemaniac2414 일 전
  • Instead of a colt you should used a hi-point.

    David HertzmanDavid Hertzman14 일 전
  • As demolition makes fun of him for being an ak guy he's wearing a ak shirt

    Kathleen KnightKathleen Knight14 일 전
  • Just noticed those two guys in the back at 15:10

    Joey MooreJoey Moore14 일 전
  • I want a red glitter hi point 45 got to be done by matt

    Andrew LeeAndrew Lee14 일 전
  • koworld.info/club/m5Kag9C-p4S3iIw/bidio.html

    Don MalliDon Malli15 일 전
  • After putting lard and flour they should have deep fried it

    Gloomypines _Gloomypines _15 일 전
  • Run it over

    Dustin FitzgeraldDustin Fitzgerald15 일 전
  • I could only imagine being the guy at the counter at colt when Matt walks in. Lmao

    wolf wolfiewolf wolfie16 일 전
  • The three legends together

    EvilPuddingEvilPudding16 일 전
  • I don’t understand what the beef was

    Daddy ThanosDaddy Thanos16 일 전
  • The syrup container looks like something that would contain motor oil

    Benjamin TotallynotaltBenjamin Totallynotalt16 일 전
  • "its gonna be like a seven layer dip, but with three layers... so itll be like a three layer dip" -matt 2020

    Nate SmithNate Smith16 일 전

    My Name is JagerMy Name is Jager17 일 전
  • matt: here’s my colt python *points it at kentucky’s head*

    fishin with porterfishin with porter17 일 전
  • Her: "He's probably out cheating" Him and the boyz...

    SparkBerrySparkBerry17 일 전
  • Man im sorry but me seeing u do that sucks. I had a python just like that , but it was my grandfathers . A shitbag friend stole it from me .. Anyways .love your channel bro.. Keep up the great content!

    John YoutseyJohn Youtsey17 일 전
    • @Parker Avery yep years ago stolen3 actually

      John YoutseyJohn Youtsey15 일 전
    • Someone stole your firearm?

      Parker AveryParker Avery15 일 전
  • Why do this thoe? Im legal age to own a gun buy me a gun since you can just detroy them ive been wanting one ever since i was litle frl bless me and come visit me amd give me a gun!! It would be so awesome!!!

  • I expected them to chase him out the barn with guns these nigga's done pulled up in a tank😂😂😂😭😭

  • Lard is pork, and tallow is beef.

    Michael NealMichael Neal19 일 전
  • This hurt to watch

    GalaxygaurdGalaxygaurd19 일 전
  • 8 inches if you know what i mean hehe - matt

    Blaze CamBlaze Cam19 일 전
  • What gun would survive this and a blast from the Tsar Bomba? Why the AK of course

    Sargon of AkkadSargon of Akkad19 일 전
  • He likes whislindiesel ig

    I love metal complexI love metal complex19 일 전
  • You should totally pew pew hair dresser practice heads!

    chuck longchuck long19 일 전
  • I can just see how scary it would be if you were chased by a tank

    Anime_ Hunter26Anime_ Hunter2619 일 전
  • 1:46 shows them the gun 😂

    Luke PerdueLuke Perdue19 일 전
  • !! 我的心好痛!! 😢😢😢

    鹤鹤轩呆呆鹤鹤轩呆呆20 일 전
  • Bubba's pissin' hot reloads strike again!!

    《dobber 》《dobber 》20 일 전
  • That’s what’s 2020 ammo does 17:28

    Grey ManGrey Man20 일 전
  • What’s the point of the drop ?

    Grey ManGrey Man20 일 전
  • Do you think 2021 is any better? 2021 year of the communist gun grab

    Grey ManGrey Man20 일 전
  • 8:44 No no he’s got a point but really though that is true

    Nathan YuNathan Yu20 일 전
  • Yeah the only time there’s going to be glitter on a gun is if the quiet kid in kindergarten shows up with it Really though you only see glitters in like kindergarten or at school and that scenario would be the scariest and awkward like imagine dropping your gun into glitter in a school in front of all the kids and teachers and parents there

    Nathan YuNathan Yu20 일 전
  • 4:23 no no he’s got a point

    Nathan YuNathan Yu20 일 전
  • No yours is minus 8 inches

    Nathan YuNathan Yu20 일 전