WISH.com SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...

2021. 01. 17.
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  • Wish sucks man

    Najma HilalNajma Hilal41 분 전
  • Now introducing a new invention SeLf EjEcTiNg ArMoUr

    NXT RxinzzzNXT Rxinzzz9 시간 전
  • The helmet is a ww1/ww2 stalhelm

    Isac HardenIsac Harden9 시간 전
  • Budget Chris Pratt. Change my mind.

    -_CMS_--_CMS_-11 시간 전
  • Why did a head roll out when he shot the computer

    Blockay44 gBlockay44 g13 시간 전
  • Imagine Chinese man lauging while he designs these armors.

    Dennis MøllerDennis Møller15 시간 전
  • I’m pretty sure that the helmet he got was a ww2 German helmet

    LTAlfredo GardenLTAlfredo Garden18 시간 전
  • first helmet is a replica of a WW2 German Helmet so yes the design is 75 Years old 😂😂😂

    DJ XTCDJ XTC18 시간 전
  • Tbh that $30 piece if crap did pretty decently. I know jack shit tho, I’m probably wrong

    Mezrah MasadaMezrah Masada19 시간 전
  • The helmets looks like German WW2 helmet

    Alessandro Salazar GonzalezAlessandro Salazar Gonzalez20 시간 전
  • Can you please test the Fras soft armor because im actually interested in buying it

    Mike kinardMike kinard21 시간 전
  • The intro is oddly specific :D

    Ac3ClawXAc3ClawX23 시간 전
  • I think if after one shot the helmet is inside your head not outside, theres a mild issue

    Alex PAlex P23 시간 전
  • I'll take a number 18 with a side of chinglish word salad please!

    dooks4lifedooks4life23 시간 전
  • Maybe the helmet was supposed to be double layered

    Piet 42Piet 42일 전
  • U good Bro?

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer일 전
  • Great stupid ever i seen

    Mohammad RonyMohammad Rony일 전
  • The helmet is a german starhe from ww1 to ww2 and was made in the year 1916

    furious mousefurious mouse일 전
  • As soon as i submit my final paper in order to get my degree this summer, this how my computer will finally meet it's end. (No, seriously, it's been acting up for about a year now.)

    EdwinEdwin일 전
  • prob what Antifa is buying lmao

    Hector AguirreHector Aguirre일 전
  • Safe life defense is NIJ certified and would love yall to shoot it

    john lopezjohn lopez일 전
  • that intro... was not somtin i want to see again.. ever

    DarkBlueHazeDarkBlueHaze일 전
  • 11:29 I was a bit confused when he called the gun a pistol. I don’t know much so I’d like to know what qualifies as a pistol?

    c0rruptc0rrupt일 전
  • I remember my dad was looking at a scope on wish that was going for .50 cents...

    c0rruptc0rrupt일 전
  • My dad got a jacket from wish for Christmas and got it the next year in January So like after Christmas a hole year past before he got it after the next Christmas

    Dylan KnightDylan Knight일 전
  • DimilitionRanch, all do respect but wish shopping app doesn't socialize with google, wishshop.com is it's own store and it's ran by its own

    Cameron Rogers2222Cameron Rogers2222일 전
  • it looked like he pissed his self when he trows the table

    Mister dinoMister dino일 전
  • first time i watched you was about 4 years ago and even back then you still touch the bullet knowing it’s going to be hot and then go “ouch it’s hot”

    C LC L일 전
  • You should try FRAS body armor

    Emma H VlogsEmma H Vlogs일 전
  • It was mine🤦🏽 I’ll never be here again

    Isaiah BonnerIsaiah Bonner일 전
  • “Self ejecting body armor” surprisingly isn’t one of the tag lines on the product description

    Anthony CamachoAnthony Camacho일 전
  • I’ll stick to juggernaut suits

    Leandros002Leandros002일 전
  • Hey got an ideal for the channel in the show burn notice season 2 episode 11 hot spot they made a armor car. You might have fun trying to turn it too swiss cheese

    John LohmannJohn Lohmann일 전
  • Oh god the intro

    Liam VegaLiam Vega2 일 전
  • I feel bad for his cameraman

    Jax ShearnJax Shearn2 일 전
  • 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚾

    FlamorsFlamors2 일 전
  • 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

    FlamorsFlamors2 일 전
  • Yea is a scam but if u use a weaker gun it will stop the bullet

  • 14:32 you vs the guy she told you not to worry about....

    Leelyn WaggonerLeelyn Waggoner2 일 전
  • We can’t let Charli get more subs than him he’s a real og

    Arctixxx YtArctixxx Yt2 일 전
  • My guy is getting older, grey coming in the beard n whats ur EDC 2021

    jaypb placejaypb place2 일 전
  • Dragon man is better

    Record SRecord S2 일 전
  • here in Russia we watch your videos, translated by one guy, well done)

    алекс тот-ещёалекс тот-ещё2 일 전
  • he would actually make a great actor

    njareernjareer2 일 전
  • 19:42 is so funny when played at .25 speed

    Fat JesusFat Jesus2 일 전
  • That’s literally a German helmet 😂😂 I have one just like it

    VenomFusion90 GamerVenomFusion90 Gamer2 일 전
  • It only works when you throw the whole cartridge, obviously.

    Leonardo MatosLeonardo Matos2 일 전
  • you should make shirts with those stupid little bullets on them with flames shooting out of the back of the cartridge haha

    BeardoBeardo2 일 전
  • Dude is crazier then all hell😂😂😂😂

    Yahukon YahsharaliteYahukon Yahsharalite2 일 전
  • Body armor is banned in New York

    Deterrent 6161Deterrent 61612 일 전
  • Привет от зёбры) Hello from the zёbra)

    MarvONE ZMarvONE Z2 일 전
  • He is geting white heres how long has it bin

    Reaper93Reaper933 일 전
  • That helmet just looks like a German WW2 Stahlhelm or "Steel Helmet". correct me If I am wrong

    Jaxon SettleJaxon Settle3 일 전
  • I think is for airsoft

    nikanita nikghazalinikanita nikghazali3 일 전
  • Your pistol is almost 109 joules. The vest did say 24 j

    curtisleecurtislee3 일 전
  • hi Matt. I am your Russian viewer. I want to subscribe to you on Instagram. I really like your work.

    Viktor OunlyViktor Ounly3 일 전
  • Ah yes my favorite completely bulletproof headwear, the 1916 Stahlhelm

    Extreme Tea TimeExtreme Tea Time3 일 전
  • Please shout out my mom chambeline gasataya i like your vids those gun thou

    Chambeline GasatayaChambeline Gasataya3 일 전
  • Hey Matt you ok lol

    Shadow Killer YTShadow Killer YT3 일 전
  • on wish . com are junk sold, for gullible people

    limadeltazululimadeltazulu3 일 전
  • The metal bowl helmet.. Thats a german WW2 helmet...

    descendant gaming datadescendant gaming data3 일 전
  • The intro shows why gun licenses exist

    Nash PerezNash Perez3 일 전
  • They broke Matt #intro

    X VortexX Vortex3 일 전
  • Imagine the president trusting wish to protect them

    Isaac DavisIsaac Davis3 일 전
  • Matt looks so funny wearing a helmet

    DOB 15DOB 153 일 전
  • 14:51 he's dead

    ahmad ali hasanahmad ali hasan3 일 전
  • That "plate" with the wear face would be a good cushion for your actual plate with the bonus of possibility catching exit fragments saving your life...... maybe.... it stopped stuff so yeah

    jack robertsjack roberts3 일 전
  • 0:46 What usa looks like to foreigners

    jack stormjack storm3 일 전
  • If u can shoot a 500 magnum without anyone seeing any kick that’s when people know your a man

    Aidyn BoothbyAidyn Boothby3 일 전
  • Children when they have there moms computer 0:55

    jamari Graysjamari Grays3 일 전
  • Calm down Jamal Don’t pull out the nine

    Adrian GonzalezAdrian Gonzalez3 일 전
  • The helmet reminds me of the WW1 german stormtrooper helmet

    Holy CrusaderHoly Crusader3 일 전
  • Are they trying to kill people?

    MrLister The SisterFisterMrLister The SisterFister3 일 전
  • Uch worth fpr the 25 bucks in the previous video lmao😂

    Fatchurrozi TaufiqurrobbiFatchurrozi Taufiqurrobbi3 일 전
  • The helmet looks like standard Wehrmacht Soldier helmet.

    -Apex_Pilot--Apex_Pilot-3 일 전
    • Word

      Deterrent 6161Deterrent 61612 일 전
  • The helmet looks like the ones the German army used in ww2

  • Be gentle with the white tape...its a sensitive area..

    The Carlsson LifeThe Carlsson Life3 일 전
  • Whatever struggle poverty is it's unique how they advertise wish at the end of the video

    Shawn HellerShawn Heller3 일 전
  • I need a hook line dying

    Shawn HellerShawn Heller3 일 전
  • The helmet does work kinda. The purpose of it is to make sure the bullet doesn’t exit the helmet and stay in the helmet.

    Brian pierreBrian pierre3 일 전
  • That's a reproduction WWll German helmet M35 maybe?

    Jason VarnerJason Varner3 일 전
  • 1:06 confused screeming

    Julius ZlúkyJulius Zlúky3 일 전
  • Poor lieutenant Dan

    Ray MyerRay Myer3 일 전
  • It's not even a pasgt helmet, it's a cheap ww2 german helmet replica

    romedescendantromedescendant4 일 전
  • Me: **walks through forest and hears a 500 magnum** Me: f#$& wrong wrong place

    Elhuntador 0125Elhuntador 01254 일 전
  • The helmet in the beginning was designed to stop shrapnel not bullets

    Alexander GremmelAlexander Gremmel4 일 전
  • The helmet is a stahlhelm it has existed in one form or another since the middle ages it ain't new, works though.... Well if u make it out of metal, ballistic fiber and plastic ones are grabage u might as well where a hat into battle u will get the same effect...... Death it is death

    Kirito is God2Kirito is God24 일 전
  • Imagine being this guys neighbor

    R0- G4MERR0- G4MER4 일 전
  • you know why it can’t stop even a 22 bc a 22 has 163 joules. To be honest they weren’t lying it probably could stop 23 joules but they should have reaserched how many joules a bullet has

    Pulse GamingPulse Gaming4 일 전
  • Matt you realize you’re shooting a World War II German helmet

    TigersharkX 100TigersharkX 1004 일 전
    • It's a replica, but yes.

      Derp CadeDerp Cade3 일 전
  • That helmet could be used to some Airsoft milsim shizz. Looks pretty nice

    Gergő UhrikGergő Uhrik4 일 전
  • Starlord testing gun in his free time

    NaildeathNaildeath4 일 전
  • Imagine someone seen you laughing alone in Forest -intro

    Kiana • KaslanaKiana • Kaslana4 일 전
  • The best Opening ever...

    SimonSimon4 일 전
  • Wish 50% discount code: JRLQMPL

    Fernando EscobarFernando Escobar4 일 전
  • So basically if you wear a old stove like Marty Mcfly your safe

    yindyamarrayindyamarra4 일 전
  • Dude can someone please make a like 2 hour compilation of Matt going “owe thst’s hot!!!!l when picking up bullets?

    JulianJulian4 일 전
  • Buy some gas mask and get some cs gas lol

    Enrique DuranEnrique Duran4 일 전
  • Matt will never learn that bullets are hot after being fired

    moon dude gamingmoon dude gaming4 일 전
  • it is also were u buy body parts sooooo

    dragonwingzzdragonwingzz4 일 전