Special Door Breaching 12 Gauge Rounds...

2020. 12. 19.
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  • Imagine mare came down to give them lunch or something and she just sees donut and Matt taking their pants together

    Baba YagaBaba Yaga59 초 전
  • At 11:05 look at the chamber their is a nice fire ball

    Sean FitzgeraldSean Fitzgerald시간 전
  • This has the be the weirdest demo ranch video ive watched to date

    davanchydavanchy6 시간 전
  • We finna talk about how gay that was

    Martin TightenerMartin Tightener11 시간 전
  • Anyone else notice that at the beginning he was using a bullet box as a microphone

    Rebel CrumpRebel Crump12 시간 전
  • Look at the flames in 11:09

    Shaden ShowsShaden Shows13 시간 전
  • lol they blurred matts bulge at the end

    Gus WidenerGus Widener15 시간 전
  • So buck from R6s

    Nitro_ytNitro_yt15 시간 전
  • We used bean bag shotgun with bean bag rounds with the breach tip. Jam it in the door jam and let it bang

    Blake FerrellBlake Ferrell18 시간 전
  • U should try a holo point

    StringyBasket 71StringyBasket 7119 시간 전
  • Why aren't you guys wearing pants???

    Benjamin GilletteBenjamin Gillette일 전
  • It's good to see that I'm not the only one that breaches doors in my underwear... honey I'm home!

    Edward SteynEdward Steyn일 전
  • still wondering why they were both in their underwear?? lol

    B-rad MediaB-rad Media일 전
  • ok normally matt is atleast HALF normal in his intros nut this is just 😳 wow

    Nsc_ClapzNsc_Clapz일 전
  • Nice video, but I couldn't hear the contestants because you wouldn't give them the mic.

    Dave NelsonDave Nelson일 전
  • Haha two 12 year olds with lethal fun. Love it

    CarlosCarlos일 전
  • Gun + fuckery + these two = awesomeness

    Jerry EubanksJerry Eubanks2 일 전
  • Those shorts though.

    MatthewMatthew2 일 전
  • Wouldve been nice to know how many doors they went through at the end

    Aaron CunninghamAaron Cunningham3 일 전
  • What shotgun is that it’s purty

    ElsalvadoranElsalvadoran3 일 전
  • 1:50 Don’t tell Mere (Idk how to spell that sorry)

    Luckless RainLuckless Rain3 일 전
  • Lockpicking lawyer here and I opened all doors with a red bull can I had on my desk

    Ravewarrior 677Ravewarrior 6775 일 전
  • Why, pray tell, were they both in ranger panties by the end of the video?

    Will StevensonWill Stevenson5 일 전
  • I love your channel. I have been watching alot of videos. But i have not watched any yet of you shooting through an engine block. Have you done that yet?

    Wilberto SanchezWilberto Sanchez6 일 전

    Lil SkelyLil Skely6 일 전
  • I didn’t notice that they was not wearing pants until the end were they kick the door

    Cameron KeithCameron Keith6 일 전
  • nice microtech

    James BirchallJames Birchall6 일 전
  • That poor knife. Being slammed against ceramic is so bad for that edge.

    GallopingWalrusGallopingWalrus7 일 전
  • Why is Matt wearing booty shorts

    Luke BlackwellLuke Blackwell7 일 전
  • 45 45.

    jayo84jayo847 일 전
  • Прикольно

    ВиталийВиталий8 일 전
  • its a good thing he had that search warrant those doors looked dangerous

    seeingeyefrogseeingeyefrog8 일 전
  • “Protecting the environment when I’m breaching door”

    TayoTayo8 일 전
  • You breach doors if you want to surprise them otherwise just kick em in.

    Chance BlevinsChance Blevins8 일 전
  • 12:25

    William ArthurWilliam Arthur9 일 전
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Josh BuckJosh Buck9 일 전
  • Finally a good intro🤣

    caiden 2.0caiden 2.09 일 전
  • I watch and support donut two and I never knew he was a cop

    Aubrey MorrisAubrey Morris9 일 전
  • Donut 🍩 is low-key frustrated with Matt 😂

    James ThompsonJames Thompson10 일 전
  • Just when I thought the intro couldn’t be more PG

    Keaton BarneyKeaton Barney10 일 전
  • MERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸😎😎👊💪🪖

    Ty GardnerTy Gardner10 일 전
  • The perfect assassination round??

    Jurassi_TVJurassi_TV10 일 전
  • 1:46 noice

    123 minecraft123 minecraft10 일 전
  • Why are your guns never sighted?!

    Small City HomesteadersSmall City Homesteaders10 일 전
  • 1:47 PH intro plays

    Tactical PlaysTactical Plays10 일 전
  • Homeless man talks Matt into adding a new element to his marriage.

    Matthew SchiessMatthew Schiess10 일 전
  • Police search warrant Police another search warrant Police final search warrant God I hope I never get one of those😂😂😂😂😂

    Public AdventuresPublic Adventures10 일 전
  • Why is he wearing pants in some shots and in others he isnt

    dylan shiversdylan shivers11 일 전
  • skit was worth the wait LMAOO i love u

    Lil Beep bopLil Beep bop11 일 전
  • ftlbs is a unit of work not energy!

    Amazing UsernameAmazing Username12 일 전
  • So at 7:28 Matt has no freaking pants can anybody please explain this???

    Adam HahnAdam Hahn12 일 전
  • 13:00 hahahahahaha just awesome

  • Hahaahahahahaha the intro

  • Thought it was funny the cameraman was standing behind donut at 7:17 before he fired.

    Serial CrusherSerial Crusher12 일 전
  • Me realizing that the mic was 22. Lr holo

  • Matt is just walking around in underwear

    Ru1n3D Sa1ntRu1n3D Sa1nt12 일 전
  • no one gonna talk about how they both ended up in booty shorts? lmaooo

    Kelpy GramKelpy Gram12 일 전
  • 7:25 Where are his pants? Lol

    Patrick FentonPatrick Fenton13 일 전
  • Aiming at the hinges works much better lol

    John JingleJohn Jingle13 일 전
  • Police! search warrant! Police, another search warrant!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Then I notice neither of them is wearing pants... Why?

    Ryan KearneyRyan Kearney13 일 전
  • He was in his underwear

    Brody VoltmerBrody Voltmer13 일 전
  • Legit though donut was Mr beast in the the thumbnail

    sparingchaos977sparingchaos97713 일 전
  • Ar cost as much as my car, and he cant hit the door knob from 3 yards with it

    JJJJ13 일 전
  • so funny hahahahaha

    Herman TryggvsonHerman Tryggvson13 일 전
  • How many times did this get demonetized

    logan conwaylogan conway13 일 전
  • But why did they have to do it with no pants on 🤦🏽‍♂️

    gweedo 357gweedo 35713 일 전
  • Who is the camera man

    Gold OnlyGold Only13 일 전
  • That was donuts wad🤣😂

    Brandon DimmittBrandon Dimmitt13 일 전
  • Wheres your pants? 😂

    Roy ClarkRoy Clark14 일 전
  • Hold up I really hope this is Photoshop lol 1:47😂

    Morgan DarnallMorgan Darnall14 일 전
  • Buck rn: so, you new?

    Hbomb 247Hbomb 24714 일 전
  • I love how for the beginning of the video, demo was still in his underwear.

    Mitchell MossMitchell Moss14 일 전
    • @CyberGhost yes.

      Mitchell MossMitchell Moss14 일 전
    • You mean Matt ?

      CyberGhostCyberGhost14 일 전
  • But I want to know how deep the shots went in the three doors. 🙁

  • Ft•lbs of energy 🤔

    Jon AndersonJon Anderson14 일 전
  • 12:56 Brazilian police be like

    Seth AnthertzSeth Anthertz14 일 전
  • Wait , were the both of you in your unders the whole time ?

    Norm GlazierNorm Glazier14 일 전
  • “Like d,e,d dead”

    Ted MosbyTed Mosby14 일 전
  • How many gun KOworldrs does it take to shoot a shotgun?😆😆😆🇺🇸

    Sid ColwellSid Colwell14 일 전
  • leave your pants on

    IHaveYouNowIHaveYouNow14 일 전
  • They're not wearing pants?

    ZickziiZickzii14 일 전
  • "Police search warrant"😂😂😂😂 deadd

    Risky GamingRisky Gaming14 일 전
  • how many doors to stop a 50

    Eric SalyerEric Salyer15 일 전
  • 7:20 Is Matt in his underwear? It looks like it's fairly cold there, since Donut's in pants and a jacket, and Matt's wearing a heavy jacket. Is there something more than a collab going on here? 13:05 Okay now Donut's not wearing any pants and Matt's junk is clearly hanging out the front of his skivvies since he had to blur out his crotch, so there's definitely something more than a collab going on here. How cute.

    Nothing\Nothing\15 일 전
  • this is why i watch matt and donutoperator

    Tankie_Tankie_15 일 전
  • So nobody’s talking about Matt in his draws at 7:25

    Lain McColloughLain McCollough15 일 전
  • Take the foam out of metal doors and pour concrete that's fortifieng a door

    Joshua DavidsonJoshua Davidson15 일 전
  • The fuck was that intro

    Expired SaltExpired Salt17 일 전
  • Is nobody gonna ask why they in there boxers

    farmboy29farmboy2917 일 전
  • Nothing weird goin on here just two grown men playing cops and robbers in their underwear 😂😂

    SkullcrazegamingSkullcrazegaming17 일 전
  • Bro why u have a coat on with them lil bitty shorts

    Justin EspreeJustin Espree17 일 전
  • “DED Dead”😂

    Joshua StoneJoshua Stone17 일 전
  • Watched the intro with my dad. He left

    Thomas Jack Potter.Thomas Jack Potter.17 일 전
  • Holy shit I found the reason for the ammo shortage and it's name is Matt

    Dylan ScottDylan Scott18 일 전
  • 7:23 so we just gonna ignore the fact that he just in his boxers🤨

    Nieves MartinNieves Martin18 일 전
  • What kind of knife does Matt use? It looks awesome and must not be illegal like a switchblade, i love my assisted opening knives but would love one like that.

    DudestonDudeston18 일 전
  • I almost died when i saw him walk over shirt, jacket and no pants.

    DudestonDudeston18 일 전
  • Why on earth did Matt go back and forth between jeans and no jeans

    Eli RobertsEli Roberts18 일 전
  • Anybody pay attention to how throughout the video you can see Matt with no pants on. And then pants on again.

    Colton WoodsColton Woods18 일 전
  • Lol hilarious

    The cannabis channelThe cannabis channel19 일 전
  • 11:19 hahhaha

    Sindre GundersenSindre Gundersen19 일 전