FULL Scuba Tanks vs 50cal!!! ft Jiggin w/ Jordan

2020. 10. 25.
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  • Okay hear me out.. next time we go full oxygen tanks and lighter fluid 😅💣🧨🙌🏼

    Jiggin' With JordanJiggin' With Jordan4 개월 전
    • Yes

      British mark 1s mocsBritish mark 1s mocs9 일 전
    • @DemolitionRanch Dahua

      Richard DoanRichard Doan개월 전

      Teddy CaflischTeddy Caflisch2 개월 전
    • @DemolitionRanch YOU BETTER BE!

      Chad NiggleChad Niggle2 개월 전
    • Gasoline and Oxygen-tank Please!

      Dr. BobDr. Bob2 개월 전
  • you cant detect paper

    Overlord WolfOverlord Wolf12 시간 전
  • Ранчо ТОП больше АК-47!!! =) Мэтт давай выпуск про 47 покруче)

    Dima CramerDima Cramer일 전
  • Wit glases are totally save 😂🙈

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi Olschewski2 일 전
  • The tank are a rocket!

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi Olschewski2 일 전
  • Insane!

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi Olschewski2 일 전
  • Jeeeessss! Nice !

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi Olschewski2 일 전
  • how are you not hot in that wetsuit

    Handy VanHandy Van2 일 전
  • Our air compressor goes to 6,000 lol

    Seth TainterSeth Tainter3 일 전
  • Привет из России, ты славный и очень крутой

    Don BASSDon BASS3 일 전
  • Is the 50 cal a sniper rifle?

    Thanasis LisgarasThanasis Lisgaras3 일 전
  • Do propane tanks

    vinny falckvinny falck4 일 전
  • i wish u used drone

    ahmad ali hasanahmad ali hasan4 일 전
  • can i have dat elcamino tho.

    sassafrass ;-;sassafrass ;-;5 일 전
  • This is like the jaws test

    Rouge FrostRouge Frost5 일 전
  • Jordan rocks he inspired my wife and I to launch our own channels

    Viral WorkaholicViral Workaholic5 일 전
  • Bro why is jordin still have a wet suit on🤣🤣🤣

    chris flannerychris flannery5 일 전
  • Looks like the dude from Pain rankers

    Crazy KidCrazy Kid6 일 전
  • _1_SUB_BEFORE_2022_

    _1_SUB_BEFORE_2022 loli?__1_SUB_BEFORE_2022 loli?_6 일 전
  • Can anyone tell what sniper hes use??

    Underrated PlayerUnderrated Player6 일 전
  • You guys jive real well together

    Dabetha MageeDabetha Magee8 일 전
  • Бомбический контент, обожаю.))

    Kotet lolKotet lol10 일 전
  • Alternate title: how to create a very dangerous leaf blower bottle rocket combo

    MagnaCuberMagnaCuber11 일 전
  • With every that's what she said joke or dirty comment, the video become better. Lmfao

    Peyton JakobPeyton Jakob12 일 전
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Storm2kStorm2k12 일 전
  • I love that channel the other 1

    Cassandra StokesCassandra Stokes12 일 전
  • Help what is that 9mm configuration?

    L.E ProductionsL.E Productions13 일 전
  • I was secretly hoping that he would shoot an incendiary armor piercing 50 bmg instead

    Sheldon HuangSheldon Huang14 일 전
  • Word has it he wears that wetsuit to bed and even showers with it on

    Toking 204Toking 20414 일 전
  • They expected the blue twnk to go to the sky but instead it wanted to go into the ground

    Clarence OngClarence Ong14 일 전
  • Green tank: full tokyo drift mode

    Clarence OngClarence Ong14 일 전
  • Love Brandon

    Amine MoudjaHedAmine MoudjaHed16 일 전
  • the bullets hitting the tank is about as loud as me dropping a spoon at 2am

    the guy named Scottthe guy named Scott16 일 전
  • you should shoot the air thanks underwater

    Behr HollidayBehr Holliday16 일 전
  • large propane tank with armor piercing next!!

    RaptorlishusRaptorlishus17 일 전
  • Dangle them with a rope from a tree !

    Scott ColeScott Cole18 일 전
  • The one guy looks like he’s in the Navy

    Patrick O'ConnellPatrick O'Connell18 일 전
  • x

    dog wedldog wedl19 일 전
  • Brown tips

    Chuck PacinoChuck Pacino19 일 전
  • awfull or all full? xDD

    MärzkindMärzkind20 일 전
  • weren't those tanks any good anymore?

    EatVomitEatVomit20 일 전
  • You should explode a card agas tank with the amour pursing

    • A car gas tank with the 50 cal. With amour pericing

  • Apparently dollar bills are now able to be found by a metal searcher or whatever it is called.

    Parro TiestParro Tiest20 일 전
  • Now thats fun

    Arno JoubertArno Joubert20 일 전
  • He sounded like a kid playing with an airplane when he was trying to show how he wants the air tank to go off

    Josiah NighswongerJosiah Nighswonger20 일 전
  • The outro is Just what every man wants his live to be. So is mine

    Eric StarrenburgEric Starrenburg21 일 전
  • awesome

    Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez21 일 전
  • awesome

    Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez21 일 전
  • That armor piercing round shot on the tanks was epic!!!!

    Luis BalmacedaLuis Balmaceda22 일 전
  • Him: look at that clean hole, that’s what she said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ELI LongELI Long22 일 전
  • Is this why weapons blueprints were removed from subnautica?

    Henry_On_MarsHenry_On_Mars22 일 전
  • Hey can you curve pvc pipes to the bottom of the tank and shoot it, like if u agree👇

    dane boodlaldane boodlal22 일 전
  • You need to shoot a fire extinguisher, and all the other things they shoot in the movies!

    David JaycoxDavid Jaycox22 일 전
  • Why is he wearing his wetsuit in the middle of the woods in texas? I bet he smells like stinky feet..

    Shifty BeefShifty Beef22 일 전
  • vid i love

    Leelan HawthorneLeelan Hawthorne22 일 전
  • Kaboo yes Rico kaboo

    Patrick KrollPatrick Kroll23 일 전
  • Ok hear me out guys, 50 bmg + full acetylene tank= explosion. I need to see it happen.

    Phobic RaptorPhobic Raptor23 일 전
  • Dude. Can you hang an air upside down and shoot the valve off. That should be a rocket

    Adrian ParkinAdrian Parkin23 일 전
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Lo BoostLo Boost23 일 전
  • I gotta ask... why is the diver dude suited up in them tights?

    Josh BrownJosh Brown24 일 전
  • I love the begining of the video XD

    Luke DurantLuke Durant24 일 전
  • Should blow up propane tanks

    RsKoNeRRsKoNeR24 일 전
  • You should goldplate the 50.

    GorgGorg24 일 전
  • I watched a oxygen tank fall over and take just the valve off. then it went through a block wall

    crushthis123crushthis12324 일 전
  • The premium armenian particularly wrestle because bowl neurally confess to a lame probation. victorious, adventurous clam

    Peter JhonsonPeter Jhonson25 일 전
  • i want that sniper man so in love

    NCJNCJ25 일 전
  • 13:19 nyoooooooooooooooooooooooom

    ARandom HumanBeingARandom HumanBeing25 일 전
  • Metal money

  • I like ya cut G 4:48

    BaggierBobcat24 • 72 years ago, notBaggierBobcat24 • 72 years ago, not25 일 전
  • Imagine being selfish enough to put more of the oxygen in the forest 🙄😂😂

    Luuk HendriksLuuk Hendriks25 일 전
  • 16 hours worth of air that’s pretty nuts

    microwave Utbmicrowave Utb25 일 전
  • This is a joke idea. Fill a bunch of scuba tanks up with hydrogen and hit them with a 40mm grenade launcher.

    bigbad britishboibigbad britishboi26 일 전
  • Real fun is shot the brass valve off the tank!

    abmskidabmskid26 일 전
  • Hey brother if you like having anglers on the channel.....I volunteer!!😂😂

    Fishing With FitzFishing With Fitz26 일 전
  • Up up up up upa

    Christien WorleyChristien Worley26 일 전
  • Y'all put them stop there

    Giselle LoganGiselle Logan26 일 전
  • This hurts a PCP shooter’s heart.

    Ryan OutlawRyan Outlaw26 일 전
  • If there’s enough spark I bet they explode

    Williemay100Williemay10026 일 전
  • See m too in our

    jeremiah wejeremiah we26 일 전
  • Won’t you rather send me some tanks instead of shooting them 😂😂

    Wilhelm VincentWilhelm Vincent26 일 전
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Vusal TağıyevVusal Tağıyev26 일 전
  • He drove off with the CYBER TRUCK 2

    CowboyLucasCowboyLucas27 일 전
  • How ironic, there was just an armed robbery 2 miles from my house on Saturday, and they “believed the weapon to be a hi-point” lol that’s crazy they just released the video tonight. I watched that like 2 hours ago.

    millhouse313millhouse31327 일 전
  • Matt and his 50 bmg’s

    Jack KlingeJack Klinge27 일 전
  • The intro gags are what keep me coming back!

    daniel jobdaniel job27 일 전
  • The pink tank turn into a Leaf blower when he shot it 😂😂

    Mar GangMar Gang27 일 전
  • For some reason I really wanna see someone hold onto a scuba tank while someone else knocks the neck off, and you try and hold on.

    TexRobNCTexRobNC27 일 전
  • Best opening ever

    jair sandovaljair sandoval27 일 전
  • I didn't realize you are supporting INSURRECTION against MY country!

    Gary LGary L27 일 전
  • Matt intros are never dull🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Azzan CarrAzzan Carr27 일 전
  • that’s a lot of ricochet at 11:10

    BadKidsForeverBadKidsForever28 일 전
  • Liking the union jack and stripes

    The Way ForwardThe Way Forward28 일 전
  • he should try cutting down a tree using guns next vid

    damion ratliffdamion ratliff28 일 전
  • You just killed the myth on jaws when he shot that tank.

  • Just me or does that smaller detector look like a Hitachi Magic Wand?

    Isaiah JamesIsaiah James28 일 전
  • @21:52🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    loki Boy 113loki Boy 11328 일 전
  • The green tank was like Tokyo drift

    Chirstopher sevyChirstopher sevy28 일 전
  • The kaput jacket mechanistically smile because hedge univariately drop anenst a healthy samurai. astonishing, tacky lobster

    Robert DuatinRobert Duatin28 일 전
  • Wish he used incendiary rounds on these

    alexzandor manfredealexzandor manfrede28 일 전
  • youtube is unsubbing me every other video i watch, on autoplay

    Glitter FartGlitter Fart28 일 전