I'm Gonna Put a Grenade in a Porta Potty...

2021. 02. 09.
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  • I thought of Clints reptiles when he said well hello there

    Steve GuySteve Guy시간 전
  • Me: I think I'm gonna have some chipotle today The janitor looking at the bathroom 10 minutes after I used it: 4:04

    Bing BongBing Bong2 시간 전
  • Best intro ever xDDDDD

    Yves CywinskiYves Cywinski3 시간 전
  • Hello I'm Uzbekistan i like America

    gutvezr guderiangutvezr guderian6 시간 전
  • 3:50 me in the bathroom

    Germany BeanGermany Bean6 시간 전
  • If I recall right, Mythbusters showed that they use det cord wrapped around a gallon jug (milk jug) of gas to get the Hollywood explosion.

    orange281gtorange281gt7 시간 전
  • I think Matt is legit losing his mind lololol

    MonkeyBombMonkeyBomb7 시간 전
  • now shoot a porta potty with a tank

    JagallowayJagalloway12 시간 전
  • Matt puts more effort into his intros then 2/3 of all the youtubers do in their whole video 😂 love em man

    Austin JoppaAustin Joppa13 시간 전
  • gas need o2 pressure to go boom

    Obake17Obake1714 시간 전
  • Matt be playen Mario cart

    Lawrence PrietoLawrence Prieto14 시간 전
  • Where in hell did you get a sherman tank?????

    Laurence CootsLaurence Coots16 시간 전
  • Me in the morning guys

    Daniel LafataDaniel Lafata16 시간 전
  • Polution

    Montage GAMERMontage GAMER17 시간 전
  • Whit a intro

    Tab BallTab Ball18 시간 전
  • Agree gas plus grenade

    Will MacIntoshWill MacIntosh19 시간 전
  • Car is still there

    Jonah KingJonah King19 시간 전
  • That intro was amazing.

    Anton GolovkoAnton Golovko19 시간 전
  • Crazy Matt

    Jonah KingJonah King19 시간 전
  • LOL Matt you always seem to brighten up my day with your corny but funny intros. Keep doing them please, we love it.

    William BoltonWilliam Bolton20 시간 전
  • Gas needs to vaporizer in a closed place then....blame!

    Scott ReddingScott Redding20 시간 전
  • And the limescale's gooone!

    Diego LopezDiego Lopez21 시간 전
  • Matt's Movie Myth Testing Channel

    Steve LambSteve Lamb21 시간 전
  • He's too dangerous to be left alive!

    Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions21 시간 전
  • shut the door and let the vapors fill up

    Brian SimpsonBrian Simpson22 시간 전
  • should honestly do a t-shirt with some proceeds going to the EPA! i would cop so quick

    CHAMPbastienCHAMPbastien일 전
  • My recruiter was saved from shrapnel being in a porta potty

    Kage626Kage626일 전
  • Hey Matt I got a question who's your cameraman cuz in the golden Barrett video who was that cameraman

    Hunter WhitakerHunter Whitaker일 전
  • That must have stonk! Lol

    Duane HadleyDuane Hadley일 전
  • What is it exploded in the background

    HeatWaveHeatWave일 전
  • Poconos

    HeatWaveHeatWave일 전
  • Love your videos

    Kevin FarmsKevin Farms일 전
  • @DemolitionRanch Matt get different size MMA dummies and see how bulletproof they are

    Xemnas TakemarunamiXemnas Takemarunami일 전
  • Me after taco bell

    Refresh EsportsRefresh Esports일 전
  • where can i buy The T shirt

    killerthedogkillerthedog2 일 전

    Mutaz TahaMutaz Taha2 일 전
  • ой бедный бедный сортирчик чиво с тобой вытворяють

    Андрей ИльющенкоАндрей Ильющенко2 일 전
  • Hear me out, poop tank filled with gasoline, stick grenade down poop hole = what needs to happen

    Gavin GibsonGavin Gibson2 일 전
  • Gross.

    noelsnotesnoelsnotes2 일 전
  • Matt?

    Raul The GhoulRaul The Ghoul2 일 전
  • great intro

    John HopkinsJohn Hopkins2 일 전
  • This man is crazy

    Student Carson HamiltonStudent Carson Hamilton2 일 전
  • Matt is probably off his medds

    Owen MachellOwen Machell2 일 전
  • German stick grenades don't have shrapnel filling because the Germans relied on explosions not shrapnel to kill their enemies.

    London EatonLondon Eaton2 일 전
  • 4:01 me after Chipotle

    Alex DukeAlex Duke2 일 전
  • matt hi I'm russian мэтт привет я русский

    Илья БородинИлья Бородин3 일 전
  • i can't tack a shit in piece

  • 😂😂😂

    KimbleeVsHavocKimbleeVsHavoc3 일 전
  • Only the OG’s remember the creepy cooter intros.

    chase jewellchase jewell3 일 전
    • Kevin will be greater. He will be Matt's magnum opus.

      GerardoGerardo10 시간 전
  • Контент которого мы заслужили😂

    Ярослав БоровиковЯрослав Боровиков3 일 전
  • that s why we can t have nice climate.

    Andy Willis AndyAndy Willis Andy3 일 전
  • Y’all ever see that dukes of hazard episode where bo and Luke shot arrows with dynamite on the arrow same thing

    coleton helmscoleton helms3 일 전
  • Matt you should put explosives in a shipping container

    Dakota BrashDakota Brash3 일 전
  • Me: see's video titled "I'm gonna put a grenade in a porta potty". Also me: SUBSCRIBES

    4-14 FAN4-14 FAN3 일 전
  • Oxygen tank next 😁😁😁😁

    Josh KeeslingJosh Keesling3 일 전
  • Gonna be honest, I once put a half gallon of 100 octane low-lead (aviation fuel) mixed with 2-stroke oil inside a giant shop vac & tossed it on a fire...the results were absolutely mesmerizing to the entire crowd of us; we stood there with stupid looks for 10 minutes until we finally looked at one another, just to realize it was minds blown all the way around. My best theory: when the bottom of the shop vac melted out the entire thing turned into a chimney that accelerated combustion.

    bob sledbob sled3 일 전
  • This is bad for the environment

    Mr. Big BoyMr. Big Boy3 일 전
  • Grenade vs. Cevelar Vest

    Mr. Big BoyMr. Big Boy3 일 전
  • Walls explode out, but no fireball. The remains of the walls have tons of tiny holes. So kind of in between the two camps is my guess.

    D ClarkD Clark3 일 전
  • *talks about german stick grandes* I'm in the poke holes camp

    Hax BobboHax Bobbo3 일 전
  • That car tho, it looks sick

    Hax BobboHax Bobbo3 일 전
  • So we don’t have to chunk a hand grenade

    Fail tropilis GodFail tropilis God3 일 전
  • Me after toca bell🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Reilly RayReilly Ray3 일 전
  • It's funny that people used to use the blinker fluid thing all the time and now my RS5 actually has a reservoir for headlight fluid to clean the headlights off in the winter with heated washer fluid.

    no oneno one3 일 전
  • Best intro ever.

    Sniff Back BetterSniff Back Better3 일 전
  • really glad you went with the uncle rob method here

    Daniel PrestonDaniel Preston3 일 전
  • Shoulda threw the grenade in the toilet with the gas that woulda made a nice pop

    papi3133papi31333 일 전
  • Gas do that woooof any more you could put a match to it now use racing purple gas or methanol it would have made a big difference

    Phillip GulettPhillip Gulett3 일 전
  • Fil swift

    Jessica SeawardJessica Seaward3 일 전
  • But I saw it in a movie... It has to be true! But then I saw this on the internet, and we all know that everything on the net is always true. I don't know what to believe any more. My world is falling apart.

    Conta MinatedConta Minated3 일 전
  • I think all the poop and pee will spray everywere XD

    Zachary musicZachary music4 일 전
  • I think mats going insane

    Adin KirschbaumAdin Kirschbaum4 일 전
  • You could've just fired a flare gun into the gasoline

    AlwaysinDangerAlwaysinDanger4 일 전
  • 1:48 = It's always and ONLY a suggestion (like pull the chord on parachute when falling), BUT you really should pull down your pants when taking a sh*t. RIMSHOT!

    Puff Daddy LungfishPuff Daddy Lungfish4 일 전
  • Gasoline doesn't Acts the way everyone think it does you can draw a lit cigarette in a bucket of gasoline and the cigarette will go out

    Nicholas PiscitelliNicholas Piscitelli4 일 전
  • 1:35 How the fuck is that even possible?

    Roundhouse RadioRoundhouse Radio4 일 전
  • koworld.info/club/fJZnqMeYqGndoaI/bidio.html

  • Matt?

    Jeff BogdenJeff Bogden4 일 전
  • 9 th feb my birthday

    asad kabirasad kabir4 일 전
  • That alter ego really is how I like to live my life

  • the ass blast

    whyrtyrewhyrtyre4 일 전
  • Matt, you can bash a skull in with a german stick grenade without the fear of blowing up, as long as the string is not pulled. you joker xD

    Therapy's deadTherapy's dead4 일 전
  • explosive diarrhea right there

    hellonohelohellonohelo4 일 전
  • Matt is slowly loosing his sanity making these intro

    Arpan BiswasArpan Biswas4 일 전
  • those big fireballs are infact gasoline, its just been launched into the air/airosolized to oxygenate it and create that intense immediate burn

    Vovk StrilkaVovk Strilka4 일 전
  • thats gasoline not gas if you fill it with a flammable gas element it will explode

    Forevergaming ggForevergaming gg4 일 전
  • Walls gonna go every where

    Aden MaddoxAden Maddox4 일 전
  • The intro be scaring me

    Juice_hawkJuice_hawk4 일 전
  • holes and walls

    MrBeast6000MrBeast60004 일 전
  • Tell that to the 50 foot fireball that engulfed me when I was lighting the pit on fire using gaseline

    Mike MarchMike March4 일 전
  • This is where I leave

    the Car Guysthe Car Guys4 일 전
  • 1:27 the laugh instantly makes me think Brad Pitt in fight club.

    Trey NTrey N4 일 전
  • I thought something would hit the fan

    LucaCorbaraLucaCorbara4 일 전
  • That’s what I call explosive diarrhea

    micki owensmicki owens4 일 전
  • The ultra legal basally plant because apparel spectacularly face regarding a complex jason. nonstop, nonstop switch

    Rad RhatRad Rhat4 일 전
  • matt is most armed man in texas

    Ryan’s hellholeRyan’s hellhole4 일 전
  • I wish you didn’t burn it, not that good for environment

    Dylan bartrowDylan bartrow4 일 전
  • I'm sorry but that was horrible honestly this was probably your worst video that I have seen at least top 3 the Kevlar glove one was pretty bad too I don't even think you should have uploaded this.

    Alex RomeroAlex Romero4 일 전
  • Tanerite in a porta potty

    Joey DJoey D4 일 전
  • Now try the same with a bunch of C4 please :D

    SyncedSynced4 일 전