I Unlocked the Boss Gun... The Gold Barrett 50cal... And Shot my Raptor...

2021. 02. 13.
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The canvases aren’t online for sale yet. SORRY! Will get them online next week and will put the link here!
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, koworld.info/club/asGqZrDTkWmVe64/bidio.html

  • You are obviously getting a new car of some kind and had it pre-planned otherwise you would not shoot up your raptor and then give it away (edit: sell it to the hillbilly up north) I am quite angry you changed the ending of your video so now it does not have you in the pool with your daughter and Dozer RIP that is sad.

    Jason SwiftJason Swift15 분 전
  • The most family friendly fun KOworldr

    yonda bigmanyonda bigman시간 전
  • I dare you to sell your gold 50.cal for 35 dollars

    Austin RichardAustin Richard2 시간 전
  • Plot twist: whistlin diesel keeps the raptor nice and dailys it.

    Wisco Pit BikeWisco Pit Bike3 시간 전
  • Como sempre, fala muito pra caralho

    izaias Lopesizaias Lopes5 시간 전
  • should have give me the raptor for that! lol

    Juicy JuiceJuicy Juice5 시간 전
  • I also had a gold 50 cal in modern warfare remastered

    Insecurity of HopeInsecurity of Hope7 시간 전
  • I wish I had a raptor or any new truck! I would let you blow my car up and shoot it as many times as you want!!!

    George SanchezGeorge Sanchez9 시간 전
  • Well the truck is still operational, so it looks like you need to up the caliber mat.

    that one guy 500that one guy 5009 시간 전
  • "That 9mm is for kids" 5:40 had me crying

    DɪsᴘᴏsᴀʙʟᴇOᴘᴘツDɪsᴘᴏsᴀʙʟᴇOᴘᴘツ10 시간 전
  • When Matt and like school for the rytec

    Ninja Nik9657Ninja Nik965711 시간 전
  • true art

    Mike DevyneMike Devyne12 시간 전
  • anyone want some subsonic lollipops?

    Mike DevyneMike Devyne12 시간 전
  • You sell 9k shirts you have to fly me out there to shoot guns with you....

    Jacob CrabtreeJacob Crabtree12 시간 전
  • You should shoot gold with gold barret🤣

    Ricardo GarciaRicardo Garcia12 시간 전
  • Did the canvases get posted and sell it already?

    Rob StarkRob Stark13 시간 전
  • At first I thought he was playing then he said this should last you a couple hundred thousand miles then I was like oh your serious 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

    CadicayR6CadicayR613 시간 전
  • Gold? why not diamond??

    Gordon mclain MastersonGordon mclain Masterson13 시간 전
  • How many coke bottles vs 50 bmg

    James KilpatrickJames Kilpatrick13 시간 전
  • Kinda cool having a bullet hole on the truck

    James KilpatrickJames Kilpatrick13 시간 전
  • 11:00... I'm gonna be honest, I completely forgot what the video was about and was just enjoying watching matt miss.. I mean hit, all of the spray paint.

    GoodguGoodgu14 시간 전
  • Please buy a gold plated rapter. We need it

    LeadfootGamingLeadfootGaming15 시간 전
  • Give it to me,I just blew a head gasket on my truck 😭😭😭

    James DashJames Dash15 시간 전
  • 0:44 My uncle has an AR like that, He also has a few different weapons (this is in the mountains aka in west virginia)

    Riggs KephartRiggs Kephart15 시간 전
  • See how that bmg will do against a bucket/barrel of fresh churned Amish butter

    Junkworks1Junkworks115 시간 전
  • Welcome to the second episode of "best cod loadouts irl"

    Haaa NigaaaHaaa Nigaaa16 시간 전
  • 👍👍👍Matt's brutality went off the scale when he picked up the golden Barrett

    ivanivanichivanivanich16 시간 전
  • he shoots the truck at 15:55

    brodiekfx 90brodiekfx 9016 시간 전
  • Matt, that’s a gold-plated HTI not a Berret

    0 uc playz Kvitchenko0 uc playz Kvitchenko16 시간 전
  • You need to make these without any bullet/shrapnel evidence. Sell them as Contemporary Interpretive Art to people outside the community and donate all the profits to pro 2A organizations.

    David BordersDavid Borders17 시간 전
  • 5000 x 25 = 125,000 1 x Ford Raptor = 60,000 Dollars How I wonder ... NOTE - I'm aware he has to pay for other things, yet he could buy two Ford Raptors with the funds made from that shirt alone.

    eizam mujahideeneizam mujahideen17 시간 전
  • Meanwhile In Singapore with only a beef gun

    Eamon LeeEamon Lee17 시간 전
  • Bruh when he shot the fox one I was like did he have dragon fire rounds where is that fire from then I relized oh it’s orange paint

    Ace NetoAce Neto17 시간 전
    • Yoooo sameee😂😂😂

      Chandler SandersChandler Sanders7 시간 전
  • Just say it got shot by an elephant

    P platformP platform18 시간 전
  • 10:27. THATS what America is to me

    Spyguy888Spyguy88818 시간 전
  • I want to see a gold 50BMG shot with a gold 50BMG

    Sam JSam J19 시간 전
  • You gotta shake those cans first

    Idkwhatthisisfor PlzhelpIdkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp19 시간 전
  • This was a good video man very entertaining

    TrueLife Media91TrueLife Media9119 시간 전
  • "Your wifes gonna love this" me whos 13:

    Izzy WycheIzzy Wyche19 시간 전
  • Where's the diamond Barrett

    jett nelsenjett nelsen20 시간 전
  • not sure if you are aware but the you tube Estonian Soldier loves your video has fun showing your videos here is the one when you were shooting the metal blocks koworld.info/club/arikc7yYwI_Ugng/bidio.html

    Gary FinnstromGary Finnstrom20 시간 전
  • Shoot truck and jeep rims with the 50BMG

    Bryce StickleyBryce Stickley20 시간 전
  • When he was like: I’m pretty artistic,I looked at the cans and matched it all together and I was like oh lord

    Cam BoyetteCam Boyette21 시간 전
  • Why demo matt why would you shoot your raptor, it is such an amazing truck

    Ryan CosgroveRyan Cosgrove22 시간 전
  • he made 125000 just from shirts lol

    William NunezWilliam Nunez22 시간 전
  • Awesome ! I always have a lot of fun watching your vids but this one is even better than the others ! I guess we are so many to want one of those canvas ! Pretty sure it'll be sold out so fast

    Nikola TeoembeaireuhigrecNikola Teoembeaireuhigrec22 시간 전
  • showing all guns at 10 mil... (proceeds to make 100 youtube accounts)

    Mason WhiteMason White23 시간 전
  • the montage at the end always hypes me up ahh!!

    Pranav VempatiPranav Vempati23 시간 전
  • "Probably shouldn't be so close" *stands closer with a shotgun and and blasts it*

    Ashton SivraisAshton Sivrais23 시간 전
  • 14:26 what it looks like when you're going through a car wash

    Mr28 RhinoMr28 Rhino23 시간 전
  • The null meal histomorphometrically unlock because dashboard postprandially gaze except a uneven ghost. available, best jeans

    Peter JhonsonPeter Jhonson일 전
  • i can't wait till you get your 10 million subscriber button just so we can watch you shoot it

    Kaleb BohnsackKaleb Bohnsack일 전
  • koworld.info/club/rLqYpauu2W6eloA/bidio.html&feature=share

    Tales of a RedneckTales of a Redneck일 전
  • can u hit a water heater (with presure)?

    mike latshsmike latshs일 전
  • The poor f150😔

    fatazzfatazz일 전
  • i never knew a guy helping delicate animals could have such a passion for guns and explosives

    The Way Too Loud CatThe Way Too Loud Cat일 전
  • Poor truck

    Brian VasquezBrian Vasquez일 전
  • Im wondering did you make a lot of kills in call of duty and they rode up on you in mw3 trucks and gave you that?😄😁

    D GD G일 전
  • has whistlen diesel destroyed his truck yet?

    Mike ChristianMike Christian일 전
  • Shoot mare's car

    Ronald Robichaux IIIRonald Robichaux III일 전
  • Yo Matt, as people say Gold guns should fire Gold bullets ) so go catch Goldy bullet launched from Gold Barrett in Goldy =D

    Yura YuzeriusYura Yuzerius일 전
  • It is 100% Guaranteed no one will tell Mare if you Shoot a Thunder 50 BMG

    Gamaliel SantillanGamaliel Santillan일 전
  • Don’t show ur plate number

    Lawrence PrietoLawrence Prieto일 전
  • Quiet's kid favourite channel

    SquidTimeSquidTime일 전
  • nos

    Elijah MarkhamElijah Markham일 전
  • 50bmg at an old car

    Christopher McWilliamsChristopher McWilliams일 전
  • Should be shoot the el chromeino next with the 50. Yo mat if this comment gets 10k likes you have to shoot the el chromeino with all of your gold guns. 👍

    gaming boss1167gaming boss1167일 전
  • Gold painted not plated

    Matthew BrodmanMatthew Brodman일 전
  • Three words bye bye raptor.

    lil billylil billy일 전
  • I think that the crowd noise from the intro is from Rocket League looool, Love you Matt

    Gonzalo RosenbaunGonzalo Rosenbaun일 전
  • just daily the 5 ton

    Landon MeyerLandon Meyer일 전
  • I've been telling my friend that Matt needs to get a gold 50. Its about time he actually gets one

    Alexander BylerAlexander Byler일 전
  • You know his shoulder was hurting after this lol. 😂

    Alexander StanleyAlexander Stanley일 전
  • Well... Greetings from a German Dude who can only shoot a 7.5 joule BB Rifle in his Backjard. It sucks

    Gaming- NerdGaming- Nerd일 전
  • f150 are all garbage lol

    evilfrogevilfrog일 전
  • Sig P320 or CZ Sp-01?

    Bryce DavisBryce Davis일 전
  • Merica 100%

    Alex DelarivaAlex Delariva일 전
  • shoot a 100 tolet paper

    Patricia CowlesPatricia Cowles일 전
  • Dang-it I’m bummed I missed the chance to buy one of those art pieces, and for a good cause.

    sean callaghansean callaghan일 전
  • That outro.looks amazing

    Cristobal ColonCristobal Colon일 전
  • Exit wound be like D:

    DrainedCeleryDrainedCelery일 전
  • next cal.50 in vantablack :D

    ArkTicALIENArkTicALIEN2 일 전
  • insert suffering from success meme

    Full Armored TortoiseFull Armored Tortoise2 일 전
  • Ik I am late and all but. I am kinda sad to see the raptor go. I liked watching all the old raptor videos on the off the ranch channel. What are you planning to get?

    RauRau2 일 전
  • 4:54 Are you planning on shooting the kids?!?

    Cesar Aguilera FelixCesar Aguilera Felix2 일 전
  • The new sniper he unlocked and got it gold already

    showTime KyshowTime Ky2 일 전
  • So your buns to me

    Tye BingoTye Bingo2 일 전
    • C

      Tye BingoTye Bingo2 일 전
  • Me God you strong how do you do it Strongman I do a push-up every time Matt gold plats something

    BigfootsRedRifleBigfootsRedRifle2 일 전
  • You should sell some of the paint cans that got painted and are intact also. for maybe like $20

    AidanAidan2 일 전
  • Why does the thumbnail look like this boi tryin to hip a fuckin golden 59 cal

    Travis KnechtTravis Knecht2 일 전
  • who holds the camara? nvm ima just imagine its a walking 50.bmg

    donald trumpdonald trump2 일 전
  • Your poor truck, did anyone else see a sucker bounce off the dummy and hit his truck, the sacrifices Matt makes for us.

    Ethan TurnerEthan Turner2 일 전
  • Shoot a rolex with the gold bmg

    Stan & StuffStan & Stuff2 일 전
  • There's is a way to get to 10 million really fast maybe more but it's dangerous Just tell the anti gun people about it amd they'll coming rushing in to see rhe collection of weapons of mass destruction

    Jeanjaques IbrahimJeanjaques Ibrahim2 일 전
  • I wish this channel was like a stock. I would just dump money into it. 😂

  • Качественный контент про оружие! 👍🏻

    Максим ЛубковМаксим Лубков2 일 전
  • someone describes the most idiotic firearm idea in the history of man Me: "ill guarantee demolintion ranch has one.. gold plated.. probably with a silencer"

    charles reidcharles reid2 일 전
  • If you sale 8050 shirt you should give me the gold riheno with the demo logo on it

    scott mosherscott mosher2 일 전
  • That’s actually a pretty badass way of painting canvases

    Spencer GSpencer G2 일 전
  • You should make 1 of the pictures a bidding war

    Swagsire-kun / AnewSwagsire-kun / Anew2 일 전