Shooting Nitrous w/ Cleetus McFarland!!!

2021. 01. 25.
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  • The intro 😂😂😂

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland29 일 전
    • i know right

      Deegan CombsDeegan Combs16 시간 전
    • The intro was perfect and the dude just threw and axe mean while the other guy is eating a hot pocket

      Kristen PhillipsKristen Phillips2 일 전
    • Look up nutrual drop then. All they do is destroy cars

      Tommy BTommy B5 일 전
    • you LUCKY SON OF LUCk

      The Toilet DemonThe Toilet Demon5 일 전
    • This right here explains why Texas is suffering such a cold front rn.. nitro is chilly, they exploded a whole bunch of them off camera until it started spreader..

      TTY GANG Inj gamingTTY GANG Inj gaming5 일 전
  • Bruh actually standing next to the nos after shooting this you guys got big cojones

    Sethy GarciaSethy Garcia3 시간 전
  • that's it moving to texas

    Mandeep SinghMandeep Singh6 시간 전

    0ZZY!!!0ZZY!!!8 시간 전
  • I'd be concerned about a late explosion for the containers.

    Buffy McMuffinBuffy McMuffin9 시간 전
  • Not a single scratch on that car at the ibtro

    Trashy the trash bagTrashy the trash bag12 시간 전
  • The intro was funny

    M AM A12 시간 전
  • Niveau des prix de vente en France il n'y avait que le nom du magasin qui était dans la rue de Paris mais je ne l'ai jamais fait pour l'instant il y avait de quoi me parler de mon travail de temps à temps mais j'ai eu une mauvaise surprise

    Looka LookyLooka Looky17 시간 전
  • Lol is that the same NOS logo as the NOS energy drink?😂

    flyingmanforfunflyingmanforfun18 시간 전
  • It kept leaking because the decom froze the No2 and as it warmed up it evaporated

    James KoncarJames Koncar18 시간 전

    Tales of a RedneckTales of a Redneck일 전
  • You can't tell me Matt wasn't high on something in the thumbnail

    Stubby beanerStubby beaner일 전
  • Y’all could’ve just gave that car to me man I need a danm car smh

    Dee DuwopDee Duwop일 전
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    Bharat ShaziBharat Shazi일 전
  • Hahaha!

    ----일 전
  • New fast and furious looks great!

    Joachim SinghJoachim Singh일 전
  • Use tracers

    Barry ElkinsBarry Elkins일 전
  • You could see that the first shot with the golden ak bounced off the tank

    Lucas LyberthLucas Lyberth일 전
  • a 10,22 would go through the big dent

    Christine PostChristine Post일 전
  • Just found this channel, how did I miss it before? What part of Texas are you in? I wish I could put a link to my 4th of July blow while in Afghanistan. 5 5 gal bags of diesel, 400 pounds of UXO (Unexplored Ordinance, 32 blocks of C4 and over 500 feet of det cord. It was amazing. Actually the start of my shows on my channel has a quick video of it. Not trying to advertise, just can't put a link. Anyway, awesomeness here man!

    Asleep At The Reel - OutdoorsAsleep At The Reel - Outdoors일 전
  • Shouldve shot it with a raufoss round.......then you wouldve got the results you were looking for

    OIF/OEF-0341OIF/OEF-0341일 전
  • 8:07 who I walking behind the truck?👀

    Rene PetersonRene Peterson일 전
  • You guys are CRAZY The second can was AMAZING

  • The ending was the best. "Hey you guys stayed to the end" PEW PEW PEW. (pews get all caps when they are .50BMG)

    leonard Averittleonard Averitt일 전
  • Good ole cleetus

    UFxCatalystUFxCatalyst일 전
  • Need a lot flare by the cylinder

    PorterPorter일 전
  • He finally said it

    Elijah FullerElijah Fuller2 일 전
  • Hey mat, have you ever thought about buying a 3A ballistic mask and seeing how biker proof it really is?

    Michael Zamora-LimonMichael Zamora-Limon2 일 전
  • eyo wireless nitrous

    Kai DollemanKai Dolleman2 일 전
  • Y'all americans rlly cant shoot an uzi?

    Mikeguy AnonymusMikeguy Anonymus2 일 전
  • a man with a mullet, stars and stripes cap, firing guns and called Cleetus is probably one of the most American things ever

    SylarSylar2 일 전
  • That was awesome

  • Science

    Christopher KauffmanChristopher Kauffman2 일 전
  • 2009? you're off by 10 years. respect the camry. ;)

    Chris LesmerisesChris Lesmerises2 일 전
  • 18:05 Has no one noticed yet that matt does a bonus part for the video after the outro. He's also done it for the previous two vids.

    Shahzo BhaiShahzo Bhai2 일 전
  • Do one with a incendiary round

    Marco LopezMarco Lopez2 일 전
  • I wish I can do that to car damn even just driving crazy

    runninghorse begaiirunninghorse begaii2 일 전
  • Where does Matt get his ammo

    Peepeepoopoo ButtPeepeepoopoo Butt2 일 전
  • I like the ak 47 gold

    Saleem AbdoolSaleem Abdool2 일 전
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    Marcus DanchisionMarcus Danchision3 일 전
  • Fucking garbage shots... and why would you approach these tanks after being semi-compromised? Also the range they are at is not safe. Pure stupidity across the board. Jesus christ... and I thought these guys weren't that stupid.

    Jonathan SnowJonathan Snow3 일 전
  • The ossified michael gully fix because snowman postoperatively bare on a callous vessel. festive, painful spade

    asda sadasda sad3 일 전
  • คนไทยชอบคับ🇹🇭🔫❤

    นิติกร ไชยรินทร์นิติกร ไชยรินทร์3 일 전

    Banksy BBanksy B3 일 전
  • 8:04 Wadding: "Alright Imma head out"

    Corey ThomasCorey Thomas3 일 전
  • A tracer round might ignite it

    Rick SchulerRick Schuler3 일 전
  • 15:50 he got high off nitros 😂

    Palm TreesPalm Trees3 일 전
  • "This thing's about to blow!" Gets closer

    Isaak JonesIsaak Jones3 일 전
  • The d turns in to a pistol

    Keenan's volgingKeenan's volging3 일 전
  • Next time do it point plank, for the sake of science!

    MartinMartin3 일 전
  • Sketchers

    Kyle LopezKyle Lopez3 일 전
  • How is he still doing these videos with an ammo shortage? I'm dying to get to the range but there's none to buy anywhere.

    Taylor MelendezTaylor Melendez3 일 전
  • MURICA shooting an Israeli firearm lol.

    SackmattersSackmatters3 일 전
  • The creepy cheque notablely spark because part expectedly ski sans a synonymous twig. sweet, knowing quilt

    Killer KickzKiller Kickz3 일 전
  • *jdm car fans with no turbo :'(

    Born2fapBorn2fap3 일 전
  • Should I try this at home?

    bonjourvelbonjourvel3 일 전
  • Have you had the police called on u

    Elijah DavisElijah Davis3 일 전
  • Mat is short

  • They should of put a flare next to the nos

    airsoft with toastairsoft with toast3 일 전
  • Cool gun😎

    PoKiJoLeePoKiJoLee4 일 전
  • Plot twist : I left that hat in the car

  • dude wtf????? if you dont want that car just give to me instead of abusing it..

    Dj PyrosDj Pyros4 일 전
  • He said mericAaaa

    Susan LiraSusan Lira4 일 전
  • Your camera man really needs to shape up. He's kissed two or three shots by filming the back of their heads rather than at the Nos bottles. Come on man completely voids everything doing that.

    Harry BloxHarry Blox4 일 전
  • Great video 📹 Next week propane and flares 🔥📛👨‍🚒

    joe campbelljoe campbell4 일 전
  • Honestly at this point, its just getting old watching a rich ass hole (even if he worked for it) shoving it in our face how much money just doesn't mean shit to him. I do get it though man. I dont hate you.

    James BoazJames Boaz4 일 전
    • I not even have a car or own a home! I still like to watch these idiots! Better content than any TV channel, and if U pay for KOworld, not even see commercial! Not even watch TV anymore. Why would U, when just subscribe to the channels what U interested??!

      Zoltan CzakoZoltan Czako4 일 전
  • 50 BMG is my favourite..

    END Mr NickEND Mr Nick4 일 전
  • 14:01 Looks like a face.

    МиричМирич4 일 전
  • Itsjusta6 has done this before on his KOworld channel Time Out.

    Mark0306090120Mark03060901204 일 전

    WWShW لأقتناء وعرض الاسلحهWWShW لأقتناء وعرض الاسلحه4 일 전
  • Bruh when you came down that hill his tire was flat he didn’t even know LOL

    Jordan AlegriaJordan Alegria4 일 전
  • Ma dude gta 5 theat car

    Nikolaj VergisonNikolaj Vergison4 일 전
  • that gopro is praying

    Wa11nuts manWa11nuts man4 일 전
  • 4:00 is where it starts. The skipping shall be no more

    H:B PokémonH:B Pokémon4 일 전
  • It's about to explode Touched it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ee4 일 전
  • I love the clips before their videos

    ee4 일 전
  • You remind me of Joe Rogan.

    Johannes WagnerJohannes Wagner4 일 전
  • True car guys can never not look like car guys 🤣 Can Have a Full Gucci Suit on With a VP racing Fuels Hat on 🤣🤣🤣

    Dxpe BxyDxpe Bxy4 일 전
  • yeah a new outro :)! Awesome! Was funny to see non-gun-related ppl on your ranche :D!

    DerPhiLDerPhiL5 일 전
  • lets hit 10 million

    salomon vakninsalomon vaknin5 일 전
  • Comrade James: Confirmed

    Vannarsdall ScaleVannarsdall Scale5 일 전
  • Biggest waste of gas I ever saw. Coulda brought those tanks to a rave and danced all weekend! If you huff the stuff you'll have more fun just plinking cans...try it in the dark with blacklights and glow sticks!

    Lemon YellowLemon Yellow5 일 전
  • That's one more lies The Fast and the furious make

    Save the RhinoSave the Rhino5 일 전
  • I love it when it goes *bonk*

    XG CarasXG Caras5 일 전
  • Hello from Russia)

    Юрок 2020Юрок 20205 일 전
  • so thats where all the snow that froze all the water pipe was from

    evilfrogevilfrog5 일 전
  • Murca

    Shadow L1GHTShadow L1GHT5 일 전
  • 9:15 and now Turn on a cigarette😂

    Michael RaabMichael Raab5 일 전
  • Bro Nitrous can deep freeze lava 9:18 *Demonic Voice* : "Fetch me their souls"

    The Toilet DemonThe Toilet Demon5 일 전
  • Timeout did a video of shooting nos bottle a couple months ago I believe

    Daniel NafzigerDaniel Nafziger5 일 전
  • Usually i take nitrous through a balloon

    Grammy_SnipedUGrammy_SnipedU5 일 전
  • That intro was awesome 😂😂

    Cody PatrickCody Patrick5 일 전
  • Tbh there's no better gun channel other than the legend FPSRussia

    Frank ScotFrank Scot5 일 전
  • Haiii I'm indonesia #jawarahunter I like conten u

  • I was going to say that these guys make Demolition Ranch look like DARPA scientists and then......oh well.

    Mike BennetMike Bennet5 일 전
  • Best part is him saying MURICA

  • Cletus is the man with the golden gun, apparently.

    Unsearchable ThingsUnsearchable Things5 일 전
  • All those nice guns you have and Biden takin them all, gun confiscation coming to Ameriica will the ppl rise or fold to be continued.

    David DiRussoDavid DiRusso5 일 전
  • HEY! It's Dustin Poiriers cousin Cleetus that Conor was talking about 😂

    Joey CruzJoey Cruz5 일 전
  • “ El cominro”

    Martin RiescoMartin Riesco5 일 전