Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop a 50cal???

2021. 01. 03.
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  • You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.

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    • Brilliant idea!

      AS VRAS VR28 일 전
    • what exactly is there to work out? physics...

      andrew sampsonandrew sampson개월 전
    • O

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  • so.... are we going to make solid glass vests now?

    SnasSnas22 분 전
  • When you going to try out for the NFL as quarterback??

    D.StanceVibeD.StanceVibe22 분 전
  • I wonder how many bullets Mat has shot in his life 🤔

    True PatriotTrue Patriot2 시간 전

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  • I don't think I'm wrong but I think the kinetic force instantly spreads from the point of impact like a wave and meets at the back because of it's spherical shape causing the force to be pushed out so to speak cause I don't remember the term for it. If I'm wrong I'd love to be filled in because it's been years since I was interested in physics and science.

    ZurielZuriel7 시간 전
  • These guys have never played with a Newton’s cradle and you can tell😅

    Lukas KirschLukas Kirsch8 시간 전
  • This mans destruction stat started at 100

    Darksouls FanaticDarksouls Fanatic10 시간 전
  • My guess is that the impact transfers the force of thr bullet into the glass and that creates a Shockwave that tears apart the glass near the impact. That Shockwave simultaneously traveles to the rear of the sphère and the point of convergence has too much deformation in the glass which results in the fracturing in the rear. Much like extra chucks of dried spaghetti when you bend a piece to snap it in half and creates a second or third extra chunk

    Nate ColeNate Cole10 시간 전
  • i don't see an awnser to your question in the chat its energy transfer from the kenetic force of the impact from the projectia and the bigger and faster the object the more force goes into it.

    Chara Hyun-yiChara Hyun-yi10 시간 전
  • the back gets cracked because when the bullet hits, it distributes impact through the ball, but when the stress is too high, the back gets cracked without cracking the middle because, it already traveled there and that absorbed it, but because of it not absorbing anymore, the force distributed goes all the way to the back hence the cracks. The object is also not moving so it just takes all the impact. But thats just a theory, a gun theory.

    \Vain\DSGNS\Vain\DSGNS11 시간 전
  • Best guess, it's transferring its energy across to the other side, and "impacts" the place where it runs out of room to transfer.

    JtUbEfJtUbEf11 시간 전
  • Glass ball: one shot away from exploding. Matt: FINISH IT.

    Medium MtzMedium Mtz12 시간 전
  • The crack on the back is black magic

    David FDavid F13 시간 전
  • Please be safer next time Demo Ranch, do it for us if anything. And for your wife and kids. No need to risk your lungs, wear a respirator. Still great content, just don't want to see ya get hurt is all. Edit: Also THIS:

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  • You need to get ahold of the Slo-Mo guys!

    Donald StewartDonald Stewart15 시간 전
  • Welcome to another episode of "best cod loadouts irl"

    Haaa NigaaaHaaa Nigaaa16 시간 전
  • The intro was hilarious.

    Janna SmithJanna Smith16 시간 전
  • If glass is heated up does it turn back to sand? 🤔🤔 just kidding

    Carbon No6Carbon No616 시간 전
  • Please go see a doctor

    A aronA aron17 시간 전
  • Breathes straight glass for 20 mins yeah that could be healthy

    EliteSniperTVEliteSniperTV17 시간 전
  • It's the output of the bullet impacting the glass ball and not going threw

    Game CommandGame Command18 시간 전
  • You guys should try do a video like this with the slow mo guys, so they can captier they inpact in slowmotion

    EmilEmil20 시간 전
  • I haven't watched the video but I'm going to say no, a solid glass ball cannot stop a 50 cal.

    Furious DCFurious DC21 시간 전
  • This is how to make the what not to do in a safety video

    robert hamiltonrobert hamilton22 시간 전
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  • I was in the army for a year and didn't watch your videos, my God, how you've aged, but otherwise well done, keep it up.

    Holy HedgehogHoly Hedgehog23 시간 전
  • *Mad listen, I googled it and went nuts, it turns out that these balls use lead for their durability. When you shot them, it sprayed around and hit your lungs - that's why it's hard for you to breathe. See a doctor or consult a specialist!*

    SplyseSplyse일 전
  • The title for this, is like, are you dumb enough to think so, well then you will watch this and get a suprice. If your like me, you just clicked to type this and leave! BB

    GramaldGramald일 전
  • Its force

    Artemio DolinoArtemio Dolino일 전
  • In case nobudy answered this yet.. The forces go over the surface around the ball and the glas cracks where the forces meet at the other end of the ball.

    j03r1666j03r1666일 전
  • I believe its like the Dim Mak.

    Leland JamesLeland James일 전
  • 15:23 - How ***** you have to be not to realize you are breathing glass dust? A thought of that should make you much more uncomfortable than a joke about a curse.

    woowooNeedsFaithwoowooNeedsFaith일 전
  • Luffy gear 4 attack named magnum.. I wonder why.. Now i know (weeb logic)

    Edz ChannelEdz Channel일 전
  • Matt read about the antipodal point. What causes a chip on the sphere in the opposite direction

    Boy in the hoodBoy in the hood일 전
  • Who watches the video of the destructive ranch with the Zebra translation?

    ScotScot일 전
  • I think the physics is almost the same as for hesh tank shots. The bullets create Shockwave which destroys the other side of glass ball

    Семен БердюгинСемен Бердюгин일 전
  • Its called Kinetic Energy Transfer.

    King HenryKing Henry일 전
  • “Can a bunny rabbit make it through a wood chipper?”

    JoseAntonio RackJoseAntonio Rack일 전
  • I loved this intro!😂😂😂😂

    Commander GorbCommander Gorb일 전
  • You should do this again but with a ball of ice

    Matthew LeeMatthew Lee일 전
  • Glass is not a solid. It's just an incredibly viscous liquid to the point where it takes centuries to deform around whatever is holding it. The bullet hits one side and the shockwave travels both around the outside of the ball and through the middle and when they meet it creates a harmonic amplification and cracks. Or magic does it.

    eitughtueireitughtueir일 전
    • That has been disproven. Glass is an amorphous solid.

      T BomanT Boman일 전
  • "That looks like it would cut me." *touches it*

  • Kinetic energy

    Terri GishTerri Gish일 전
  • Bro thats dangerous. Glasdust can seriously f up your lungs

    SchienenNahverkehr FFMSchienenNahverkehr FFM일 전
  • I know whats going on there, its all about the surface tension, the shock travels around the ball and collects at one spot where it shatters the glass

    LionLion일 전
  • Hey whats happening here is that glass is technically not completely solid. Old windows have a cascade effect because through decades the glass slowly travels. The physical properties of glass make it ripple on impact microscopically and create a stress fracture on the opposite side where the ripples meet.

    Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira일 전
    • Not true. That has been proven to be the method of glass making of the time. Glass ia an amorphous solid.

      T BomanT Boman일 전
  • that was not a desert gun i forgot how to spell it

    Rūta LatinytėRūta Latinytė일 전
  • The science is the force passing through the ball with how powerful it is

    Dillon FranklinDillon Franklin일 전
  • yeah nothing on this planet survives a 50 cal rifle, living or object lulz.

    Edgemaster MaestroEdgemaster Maestro일 전
  • Boy I was hoping to see the big boy 50

    Top Notch GamingTop Notch Gaming일 전
  • God bless you

    Top Notch GamingTop Notch Gaming일 전
  • it works like an earthquake when the shockwave sent by the round impact travels through the glass it reverbs, waves come back to the air when the parallel surface of the sphere is impacted and creates a fracture.

    Jorge GraciaJorge Gracia2 일 전
  • Video starts at 5:26

    Michele MariottiMichele Mariotti2 일 전
  • The kinetic energy that passes through that ball that's what's causing the back of it to shatter

    S.C Papa RayS.C Papa Ray2 일 전
  • *The fact that the ball was cracking on the opposite side is pure physics. The place of the reverse crack is called the "antipodal point". When hitting a spherical object, the impulse is distributed over the entire surface as a wave until it converges at one point. If the impact is on an ideal sphere, this point will be directly opposite the place of impact. The more deviations from the ideal, the greater the point displacement. The effect is approximately the same as if you throw a stone into calm water, the collapsed wave gives a recoil equal in force to ± 80% of the initial impulse. Such things are actively studied in neurosurgery and astrophysics in order to understand the consequences of traumatic brain injuries OR (especially caps for the very smart below) meteorite falls. So it goes*

    АкулАкул2 일 전
  • If you hit such a ball in the dark, there should be a flash of blue, but this is not accurate.

    EvilHomerEvilHomer2 일 전
  • What ist with the Animals :D the Glas are will bleeding animals :D not so good

    Fabi OlschewskiFabi Olschewski2 일 전
  • bang-bang-bang in the intro? Demonitized, probably :p

    CrocosNZCrocosNZ2 일 전
  • sd fes

    minh Hyounminh Hyoun2 일 전
  • This is how one gets silicosis.

    FugouxFugoux2 일 전
  • Where is used such @big glass balls@?

    Serg DeminSerg Demin2 일 전
  • шар трескался с противоположной стороны из за того что, импульс от удара пули обошел по всей поверхности идеально ровного шара и схлопнулся на противоположной стороне. Или как ее называют антиподальная точка. Это обыкновенная физика, Карл... дискавери тебе в помощь...

    Сергей МолодецСергей Молодец2 일 전
  • Imagine, just imagine being the unlucky person who tries to rob his house.

    Mr. HeffnerMr. Heffner2 일 전
    • @Trent Swinkunas I can see Matt sitting in his chair at night, with a string attached to a gun planted at every conceivable entrance point, grinning in anticipation of a burglary.

      Mr. HeffnerMr. Heffner일 전
    • I think he hopes for it

      Trent SwinkunasTrent Swinkunas일 전
  • Subbed cuz this was entertaining but also want to make sure you don’t die of Glass dust :(

    thechief1992thechief19922 일 전
  • @14:33 Glass dust: don't breathe this!

    TatharTathar2 일 전
  • Is it just me or did he remind you of deadpool when he looked through the glass ball and said it's gonna be crazy

    drowsy_west583drowsy_west5832 일 전
  • I think the ball is like a newton's cradle how when you hit one side it makes the other side move I dont know how to explain it, if anyone wants to go further into details please do in the replies

    Virtual LeaderVirtual Leader2 일 전
  • I suspect the cracking on the reverse side is from the force travelling around and through the ball (like how earthquake waves travel through the Earth), and then it all meets at the same point on the other side. Would love to see Destin work his science magic on this! Or SloMo Guys!!!

    Daniel WeaverDaniel Weaver2 일 전
  • 14:15 when he actually does it

    Noah AllardNoah Allard2 일 전
  • The backside damage is just the shock-waves moving through the surface of the material, at which point they converge and explosively collide, thus the second "crater"

    shanedog007shanedog0072 일 전
  • I think the glass cracked on the other side from a shock wave from the impact of the shot and cracked when the wave came to the edge of the sphere.

    Zboi ZekoiZboi Zekoi2 일 전
  • I don't know what's going on here, but on mercury there's a fracture shaped like a star at the opposite side of a big impact crater. An ancient meteorite hit it bad enough to fracture the other side of the planet. Maybe same phenomenon?

    Luca Rinaldi ChiniLuca Rinaldi Chini2 일 전
  • I can’t believe this got so much views

    Noah LopezNoah Lopez2 일 전
  • 50bmg for the win again.

    Al AleAl Ale2 일 전
  • That sound of the glass was getting to me to 🤣

    Blazing KoopBlazing Koop2 일 전
  • It would appear the shock wave is traveling through the glass to the other side some how

    Kevin EdwardsKevin Edwards2 일 전
  • You need to Get a camera that catch the bullet

    Theodor DalvaTheodor Dalva2 일 전
  • 9:44 they call that inertia. The force that travels in a straight line after impact 😉

    Craft_ 636Craft_ 6362 일 전
  • Lookn at they was trippin me out my eyes kinda hurt now 😭

    Amir TaylorAmir Taylor2 일 전
  • Обожаю твои видео! Спасибо большое! Успехов тебе в будущем

    Таришкин ДмитрийТаришкин Дмитрий2 일 전
  • That glass is a Pain. Always breaking. Into my house, I need better security.

    Jimmy CantorJimmy Cantor2 일 전
  • I hate glass.. That sound from hell when you scratch it, the fact, that it can't be detected in any of way and you may not even realize if you eat some of it... Bruh

    Руслан ЕфимовРуслан Ефимов2 일 전
  • Magic. Like science; but real. Alchemy. Like banking; but more profit. KOworld. Like real life; but better.

    Jimmy CantorJimmy Cantor2 일 전
  • Who is your camera-person! I like to think that I need to know this. But I'm just curious who they are.

    Jimmy CantorJimmy Cantor2 일 전
  • We

    Matthew AbshireMatthew Abshire2 일 전
  • when the bullet hits the ball the force travels through the ball and when its released out the back it breaks some of the glass due to the high force o the bullet.

    Andrew MouttetAndrew Mouttet3 일 전
  • It’s not solid

    Wrong WayWrong Way3 일 전
  • Круто респект бро ✊👍

    P_U_P_S_1_K____ ______P_U_P_S_1_K____ ______3 일 전
  • I live right next to him then

    Xbox SharkXbox Shark3 일 전
  • The phenomenon of having a crack on the exact opposite side is not unknown. It is the wave of energy that was started on the front reemerging on the otherside. Basically, you put some energy, it travels through the surface, its density becoming lower. But then, when it reaches the other side, all of a sudden its density increases again, because it recombined as a ripple, and it has enough power to break chips from the material. This actually happens with earthquakes and nuclear detonations. The wave ripple travels through the planet several times.

    tkzsfentkzsfen3 일 전
  • Vibrations in the glass caused by the impact rippled around the ball, due to the spherical shape these then collide on the other side causing a small amount of damage? Theory.

    TehChimpy7TehChimpy73 일 전
  • You shot and killed another man! Stand your ground!

    Gringo StarrGringo Starr3 일 전
  • expected that .50 to just ricochet back thru all that thick armor and annihilate you the glass fragments almost did

    Steve TSteve T3 일 전
  • Have you considered teaming up with Smarter Every Day and exploring the physics behind all this with him and his slow-motion cameras?

    ItenerantMonkItenerantMonk3 일 전
  • It's like a Newton's cradle, transfer of energy. The bullet impacts one side, the energy travels through the ball and knocks chunks off the other side. This is a super-simplified explanation as I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's what is happening.

    Elijah SellersElijah Sellers3 일 전
  • The fact that the ball cracked from the opposite side is pure physics. The location of the reverse crack is called the "antipodal point". When a spherical object is hit, the momentum is distributed over the entire surface like a wave until it converges at a single point. If the impact is on a perfect sphere , this point will be directly opposite the impact site. The more deviations from the ideal , the greater the displacement of the point. The effect is approximately the same as if you throw a stone into calm water, the collapsed wave gives a recoil of up to ±80% of the initial impulse. Such things are actively studied in neurosurgery and astrophysics in order to understand the consequences of traumatic brain injuries OR (especially caps for the very smart below) meteorite falls. And yes hello from russia

    Vil BekerVil Beker3 일 전
  • Looks like it will cut me (touches it)

    Slaton HarkinsSlaton Harkins3 일 전
  • When did you get the Mini 14? I've been looking for one with a stock like that. I know there's a company that makes them but the waiting list is like six months long.

    Josh RussellJosh Russell3 일 전
  • Inertial transfer of kinetic energy is why the glass does that on the other side when shot. Great video ✌