How Tough is a Solid Block of Tungsten?!?!

2020. 11. 20.
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    DemolitionRanchDemolitionRanch3 개월 전
    • You could try a gernade launcher

      Hays Family HomesteadHays Family Homestead일 전
    • Has anyone already proposed a russian KPVT?

      Евгений ЛЕвгений Л9 일 전
    • How many old fild hard hats do you think can stop a bullet

      Dino WilkersonDino Wilkerson12 일 전
    • @DemolitionRanch (tank round)

      Michael, Connaire OatesMichael, Connaire Oates개월 전
    • Tungsten body armor?

      Drake ClarkDrake Clark개월 전
  • Everyone comments about the cube but god damm that shot is incredible.

    Fanatic ThunderingFanatic Thundering54 분 전
  • shoot it with a tank

    James DennisJames Dennis4 시간 전
  • You know it’s serious when he puts on his googles 12:1

    AJ FlaskasAJ Flaskas5 시간 전
  • 500 magnum

  • Anzio 20 mm, it's time

    Björn LindtorpBjörn Lindtorp11 시간 전
  • R.I.P Headphone users ;( ;d 7:

    Estella CarreonEstella Carreon12 시간 전
  • That ak 47 is sum real life call of duty shit

    LukeLuke16 시간 전
  • The thumbnail has made me question my life

    Jayce MeyersJayce Meyers18 시간 전
  • Why are you so go online for round out of a pistol

    Judy BenjaminJudy Benjamin19 시간 전
  • hit it with a tungsten bullet. the clip of your daughter spraying you with the hose and the dog licking the water in the air is priceless! 2 thumbs UP

    Ellas FellaEllas Fella일 전
  • Well sh*t i didn't expect tungsten to be so strong

    baptiste Fiumebaptiste Fiume일 전
  • I know how to shoot through it, but I think it’s illegal to make bullets? Also, it might create a black hole...

    Josh HandJosh Hand일 전
  • Use a tank

    michael estanolmichael estanol일 전
  • Before going any further in the video, I think because it so hard and unyielding, something like a .50 BMG might crack it because it cant really flex unlike titanium

    Travis BuckmanTravis Buckman일 전
  • that block is worth more than my damn car

    Shane DavisShane Davis일 전
  • Use 20 mom

    Ivann GamrikeliIvann Gamrikeli일 전
  • that's what she said 12:03

    Lucky Loot GamingLucky Loot Gaming2 일 전
  • Imagine robbing Matt’s house and hearing this 8:58

    TheGamer 10TheGamer 102 일 전
  • Use the tank

    Blue JoshBlue Josh2 일 전
  • Or A tungsten 50 BMG like make a bullet out of one

    TyTy2 일 전
  • Use a tank

    TyTy2 일 전
  • try 50 cal

    Uckie jace OlivoUckie jace Olivo2 일 전
  • Shoot it with a pre nerf As Val from cod 😂😂😂

    Will EmersonWill Emerson2 일 전
  • Matt I have a good episode let’s do a theme where you have to shoot through your car windshield starting from the bottom to the top with a bullet go straight through the windshield and hit your target or do you have to compensate for the thickness and angle of the windshield

    Marcel ParenteauMarcel Parenteau2 일 전
  • 12:03 lol

    Silver WolfSilver Wolf3 일 전
  • i feel sad for the go pro go pro : why im here ?

    ahmad ali hasanahmad ali hasan3 일 전
  • Amateur. Next time, use an AT-4.

    Power Capital SolutionsPower Capital Solutions3 일 전
  • Nuke

    HIMANSHU PandeyHIMANSHU Pandey3 일 전
  • Not sure if it will work but it might be really cool Why not use a grenade on the block

    Mr.GrileyMr.Griley3 일 전
  • Most knightmare frames in code Geass are made of tungsten

    Sho ZaiakuSho Zaiaku3 일 전
  • A nuke

    Diego MantecaDiego Manteca3 일 전
  • 950 jdj

    Andrew StrojnyAndrew Strojny3 일 전

    RansomRansom4 일 전
  • Imangine shooting on it with a tungsten tip. 😳

  • Iron block😂

    Mr. ProGamer[PH]Mr. ProGamer[PH]4 일 전
  • Tank

  • Now I see where mandalorians get there armor from 😐🧐🧐

  • We need tungsten armor why we don't have it yet smh

    • I’m guessing it would be too heavy

      2rare2die1002rare2die1003 일 전

    WWShW لأقتناء وعرض الاسلحهWWShW لأقتناء وعرض الاسلحه4 일 전
  • Tank

    Специалист community of practiceСпециалист community of practice4 일 전
  • shouldve used a tank

    The Alt Account :0The Alt Account :04 일 전
  • Why not make armor out of tungsten

    Kyle StringerKyle Stringer5 일 전
  • 20mm

    truttytrutty5 일 전
  • 11:55 he is literally wearing swim goggles...

    Mad Caddis FliesMad Caddis Flies5 일 전
  • Tank

    Wyatt BooneWyatt Boone5 일 전
  • Use 240mm Artillery, dat will help 😆

    Nhac TKNNhac TKN5 일 전
  • Use a 30mm machine gun. Maybe that'll help 😃

    Onyx DanielsOnyx Daniels5 일 전
  • Try RPG rocket Launcher XD

    GamerFoxCZGamerFoxCZ5 일 전
  • Shoot it with a 20mm or the damn pak 40 thay would be awesome 💂💂💂💂💂💂💂

    Arturo GuerreroArturo Guerrero5 일 전
  • You will need a tank.

    JeremeyJeremey5 일 전

    Chillie finnChillie finn5 일 전
  • Verdict : if there is a shootout , hide behind a tungsten wall and *you're basically immortal*

    StaringHamsterTMStaringHamsterTM5 일 전
  • im here because i think of vibranium.. and... search what is the strongest metal

    Nur Haikal NuzihanNur Haikal Nuzihan5 일 전
  • Get a tank

    JJ’s QuestJJ’s Quest5 일 전
  • imagine using a this for a heavy body armor. that would be cheating xD

    xPlinnixxPlinnix5 일 전
    • You wouldn’t be able to walk😂😂

      Anthony BasolAnthony Basol3 일 전
    • One word Mandalorian lol 🤣

  • Drill through it (attempt) and try to blow it up

    Luke MatthewsLuke Matthews6 일 전
  • I knew about tungsten from DR.STONE

    NOVA _NOVA _6 일 전
  • 9:10 was pretty cool

    Devious_CubeDevious_Cube6 일 전
  • hope i can come to you and fire some guns! I'm a fan! #Philippines

    Ben BrionesBen Briones6 일 전
  • Shotgun with 12gauge XD

    Soru SenpaiSoru Senpai6 일 전
  • I built a gate using tungsten, check out my vids!

    12lbchevelle12lbchevelle6 일 전
  • You need to out these in a vice so they are solid, you lose so much energy when the bullet connects and pushes the block.away. make it solid.and shoot it

    Je BusJe Bus6 일 전
  • Hey Matt can you put 20 gauge 00 buckshot in a 12 gauge shot shell and put wax on the end of it for me ? Possibly I love your videos so much

    Big Country#1Big Country#16 일 전
  • Next use a block of C4

  • blow it up

    Jose RamirezJose Ramirez6 일 전
  • Shoot a slap 50bmg

    Raymond TestiRaymond Testi6 일 전
  • Tank round

    BzerkBzerk7 일 전
  • Matt try shooting a ceramic bearings youtube channel beyond the press did some cool videos but they couldn’t cruah it

    Benjamin Toms-LucyBenjamin Toms-Lucy7 일 전
  • 20mm rifle

    Brandon BoutinBrandon Boutin7 일 전
  • You need to attack it with an AC-130

    MunkersMunkers7 일 전
  • impressive but still not as solid as beskar

    Yes, KelYes, Kel7 일 전
  • hey maybe get the slomo guy’s and record the explosion of the bulet

    Isaac MasonIsaac Mason7 일 전
  • shoot that thing with a fckin tank it'll create a black hole or smth

    WhatCheif NetworkWhatCheif Network7 일 전
  • Shoot it with a tank

    Martin KrebsMartin Krebs7 일 전
  • tank

    Ran LiRan Li8 일 전
  • Shoot it with a tank

    Brennan GulkaBrennan Gulka8 일 전
  • 50 cal machine gun

    Tim MandelTim Mandel8 일 전
  • please throw a grenade on it

  • A jack hammer

    Grady TippensGrady Tippens8 일 전
  • or yes a tank

    Parker YamamotoParker Yamamoto8 일 전
  • us a bomb to break it

    Parker YamamotoParker Yamamoto8 일 전
  • I don't know if you can get ahold of it but there is a 50BMG round that is military only and it is a super penitrator it acts like an RPG rocket when it hits. I would love to see how it would do against the Tungsten block

    Larry SuttonLarry Sutton8 일 전
  • Tungsten : He try to penetrate me ! hah hah hah ! really This dude is so funny !

    Noor ShantoNoor Shanto9 일 전
  • Use a freaking tank alreafy

    Lucas PenningtonLucas Pennington9 일 전
  • Use anti-tank gun!

    逍遙子逍遙子9 일 전
  • Bro, try a bazooka, or a granade launcher😂😂

    Zac luc postigoZac luc postigo9 일 전
  • somebody please make matt a new intro

    John ActonJohn Acton9 일 전
  • 40 mm bofs

    Damiano LeonardiDamiano Leonardi9 일 전
  • make a custom bullet our of tungsten

    Mostafa DwidarMostafa Dwidar9 일 전
  • Are we not gonna talk about that he called tungsten adamantioum at the end yeah in his mind there was wolverine pooping from a tree

    Jon GraincaJon Grainca9 일 전
  • How about a tank round

    Scott FerraraScott Ferrara9 일 전
  • A tank. Use a tank.

    DerpN'DeadlyDerpN'Deadly10 일 전
  • Tank

    rxse ghostrxse ghost10 일 전
  • He should have dropped a hi point in the intro

    crazy _boicrazy _boi10 일 전
  • A Tungsten shield would be interesting, but I can only imagine how ridiculous the weight would be.

    Grandknight-GGGrandknight-GG10 일 전
  • Hit it with a tank bullet

    C.O.D KINGC.O.D KING10 일 전
  • when u realize that block of tungsten is worth over 2000 dollars

    Bob The builderBob The builder10 일 전
  • what kind of otf knife does Matt have?

    SH KnkySH Knky10 일 전
  • Tank!!!!

    Nate DummerNate Dummer10 일 전