Who's the Best Shot??? New rifle!

2020. 10. 17.
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  • simplisafe.com/demoranch

    DemolitionRanchDemolitionRanch4 개월 전
    • @Melissa Grippe-Hicks love your grammar

      ManiacManiac2 일 전
    • I like yours zideo

      Melissa Grippe-HicksMelissa Grippe-Hicks2 일 전
    • On today’s episode we’re gunna see how many children it takes to stop a 50bmg

      Tobo BaginsTobo Bagins4 일 전
    • Im eleven and i can shoot better than them and ive shot a gun 18 times..... it was a 22 with kick

      ManiacManiac14 일 전
    • Very interesting

      SaNdRoSuCkSSaNdRoSuCkS개월 전
  • Should’ve let them shoot the 50 cal lol

    Joseph BarragonJoseph Barragon3 분 전
  • This warmed my cold dead heart, thank you.

    Jack -Jackalan23-Jack -Jackalan23-12 시간 전
  • Yes sir raise em right

    RHINO BoiRHINO Boi15 시간 전
  • I want to shoot with you someday

    Mustang ManMustang Man15 시간 전
  • Lovely family.

  • One of the most wholesome videos on this channel

    WoytankWoytank18 시간 전
  • The dream 😍. Can't wait to take my kids out shooting

    Micah LantzMicah Lantz23 시간 전
  • oh their going to school i see

    mistermistmistermist일 전
    • lmaoo

      Shubhransh SinghShubhransh Singh22 시간 전
  • This is exactly how ppl around the world think an American family is like

    Mohammed R.Mohammed R.일 전
  • You dont need to use simplisafe matt you literally have a family that knows how to use guns

    Mr alien Area 51Mr alien Area 51일 전
  • He sounds like the best dad ever

    Roman FranciosiRoman Franciosi일 전
  • Robber: breaks into house* 3 kids w 22s and an adult w a 500 magnum and a 50 bmg: "your picked the wrong house fool!"

    Box ReviewsBox Reviews일 전
  • He might be a left handed shooter because I used to shoot right but I couldn’t see though the sight and I found out I’m a left handed shooter and it awesome that there learning so well

    Austin WolkAustin Wolk일 전
  • is that a redrider bbgun

    Joshua LadymonJoshua Ladymon2 일 전
  • This is the defenition of america

    daboss mandaboss man2 일 전
  • Being honest at first I thought they were gonna shoot a barret or sum big like that 😂😂

    Themegamojon 23Themegamojon 232 일 전

    MrRohininMrRohinin2 일 전
  • like father like son and like father like daughters

  • Thief trying to steal some gun in Matt’s house Thief:haha gun Matt’s kid:pointing at the thief head with AK-47

    Blue JoshBlue Josh3 일 전
  • lol a 22 with a suppressor and scope

    I like DoggosI like Doggos3 일 전
  • Ur kids will b set for the zombie apocalypse

    Jose MoctezumaJose Moctezuma3 일 전
  • I am also good with scopes.

    Salomé LopezSalomé Lopez3 일 전
  • It is too late to say but I have the same BB gun.

    Salomé LopezSalomé Lopez3 일 전
  • 7:48 they are not weirdos they’re demolition ranch material

    tomthetitan3tomthetitan33 일 전
  • Sooooo much better than shooting at a "real" range. One of my more enjoyable outings was shooting at beer cans from the other side of a pond. Open sights, lever action, sitting position. Could hardly see the cans until you kicked up some dirt behind them. Also, a 4 spinner target with a reset spinner makes for fun no-score competition when you have two or three shooters on the same target. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" definitely wins the day.

    rcrdpsrcrdps3 일 전
  • Father that loves his kids! An American family!

  • What’s Canada Dry? Not worth your time.

    Big BoiBig Boi3 일 전
  • But why America

    Tobo BaginsTobo Bagins4 일 전
  • Тут есть хоть один русский который посмотрел зёбру и хотел посмотреть как это в оригинале

    Diller 5Diller 54 일 전
  • I like this episode. A Man spending time with his family, kudos to him. You should make more of these.

    welder7988welder79884 일 전
  • oldest is always best shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan RawlingsRyan Rawlings4 일 전
  • so cute when they drank the soda and he just laughed "hehe"

    Ryan RawlingsRyan Rawlings4 일 전
  • The kids have to take of their ear protectors

    Renaissance227Renaissance2275 일 전
  • great family fun

    Maldovar747Maldovar7476 일 전
  • I had the same 22 chipmunk growing up

    Talan RissiTalan Rissi6 일 전
  • Use whip cream and also I think all those kids got beautiful shots

    Noah StewardNoah Steward6 일 전
  • They need to take the lid off then drink the soda

    Micah RoseMicah Rose7 일 전
  • It’s a BB gun

    Jayden HaltemanJayden Halteman7 일 전
  • I shoot my grandpas 22 one handed now ( a gun I dropped out of sheer pain at 11 years old

    3DPrintedAir3DPrintedAir7 일 전
  • ''lincon stop wasting the shaving cream'' then proceeds to shoot it and explode it all over the floor.

    ryan patonryan paton7 일 전
  • December first I looked like that shaving cream

    matt odlingmatt odling8 일 전
  • I shoot 65 Creedmoor

    Ryan ShawnooRyan Shawnoo8 일 전
  • Thats great family time

    Steven SpinksSteven Spinks8 일 전
  • Woah woah woah hey hey hey

    reconrecon8 일 전
  • Fun Fact Canada Dry is the best

    Aidan RauchAidan Rauch8 일 전
  • Kids:What’s Canada Dry dad: it’s not worth your time

    Coal 501stCoal 501st8 일 전
  • Kids arguing about wasting shaving cream dad laughs

    Coal 501stCoal 501st8 일 전
  • lol the kids have better aim then 89% of people props

    Can’t be BeatCan’t be Beat8 일 전
  • Yep, suppressed .22LR for the wWIN. I put a Gemtech Outback II on our Ruger 10/22 and Marlin Papoose when my son was 9 years old, and all three kids loved it more than the unsupressed Crickett that we bought first.

    Larry GanzLarry Ganz8 일 전
  • I’m a kid and I love iron sites

    Reed GoodmanReed Goodman8 일 전
  • Gotta love the dichotomy of Matt and the average Demo ranch video and when his kids are with him.

    Mario RuggieriMario Ruggieri8 일 전
  • Them kids give me a black Af 1 vibe

  • let them shoot the 500 magnum

    notyetPulse ShadownotyetPulse Shadow9 일 전
  • 5 year old kids shooting 22 lr in america While me 13 year old stuck with a 15 footpound air rifle in 177 lol

    Taneya Das MandalTaneya Das Mandal9 일 전
  • bro who teaches there kids to shoot guns Matt: yup totally a normal day at the ranch

    Caleb LunaCaleb Luna9 일 전
  • This brings a sense of nostalgia My grandpa Took me to fire my first gun we fired a 38. And a 308 I'll be honest best weapon related memory does anyone else have such memories. Also This man must win one of the best weapon related dad's in the world.

    Mercer ClanMercer Clan9 일 전
  • is it ok for me to shoot my 22 without any ear pro with out a suppresor

    shadow forcesshadow forces9 일 전
  • Can i get a showt outI love your smile I can subscribed

    T FT F9 일 전
  • This is absolutely amazing teaching them gun saftey this is where it all starts...Great Job brother

    Justin McPeakJustin McPeak10 일 전
  • I know how to use a rifle! If I come there I will know how to use a rifle I would like to use world war 1 or 2 rifles!

    sunita rorsunita ror10 일 전
  • I wish I was allowed to shoot a gun😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    sunita rorsunita ror10 일 전
  • iron sights are my favourite and I’m just 9 years old!

    sunita rorsunita ror10 일 전
  • Hi

    Holly DeaversHolly Deavers10 일 전
  • i really want to shoot a gun but im in canada ;-;

    Ads YTAds YT11 일 전
  • he acts better than some of the actors before the intro lol

    Fire freezerFire freezer11 일 전
  • even kids can do it .. You just need the tool

    Fried GamerFried Gamer11 일 전
  • Next time they should do an ar-15

    iamasansguyiamasansguy11 일 전
  • Addie: Stop Lincoln your wasting it Me: your going to shoot it anyway 😂😂😂😂😂

    GradyHunterCarsonPlaysGradyHunterCarsonPlays11 일 전
  • Wtf was that intro

    Shiro SurferShiro Surfer12 일 전
  • Nice family bro💕

    ROTOR Gaming SLROTOR Gaming SL12 일 전
  • Who is holding the camera?

    Marv TomsonMarv Tomson12 일 전
  • Why do you need simplesafe when you have so much guns

    Mason KozaczkaMason Kozaczka12 일 전
  • Whys Canada Dry😂

    Jonathan HoltJonathan Holt12 일 전
  • I have abortion doctor

    Johanna MyburghJohanna Myburgh12 일 전
  • Kids being weird, who'd hav thunk it

    Travis BuckmanTravis Buckman13 일 전
  • I love this so much. Start teaching them safety and accuracy early and keep it going. This is how I was taught and to see you doing the same thing brings so much joy.

    Stephen PStephen P13 일 전
  • Great video... nice family and as always God ... family and country. Amen...👍👍

    J. GJ. G13 일 전
  • I wish your my dad lmao I mean i love mine but uf i can shoot guns 😏😪

    _gamebae __gamebae _13 일 전
  • Weird thing red dots dont help me at all I m better at iron sights

    Randy DorothyRandy Dorothy14 일 전
  • When I was lincons age I shot my dad's 12 gage bad idea I I hurt soooooo bad

    judy woodbyjudy woodby14 일 전
  • Couldn’t linc also just shoot left?

    Collin WallCollin Wall14 일 전
  • “What’s Canada Dry?” “Not worth your time” 😂

    Collin WallCollin Wall14 일 전
    • Lol I'm drinking a Canadian dry watching this. It's my favorite ginger ale

      Gaiden ShinjiGaiden Shinji9 일 전
  • Cutest video ever

    Parsa SalarkiaParsa Salarkia14 일 전
  • Controlled, safe family fun .I love it , this brings me back to when my kids were cool.

    Dang RangoDang Rango15 일 전
  • He called his son a college frat boy. Lmfao!!

    Becca sBecca s15 일 전
  • Simply safe will not call police it will call mat himself

    ahsan khanahsan khan16 일 전
  • I can't wait to be like this with my kids.

    Jack McDowellJack McDowell16 일 전
  • That is how you know they are your kids lol

    Fade the blade 45Fade the blade 4516 일 전
  • I like this vidio. Such sweet kids. You got a nice family

    Richard ZookRichard Zook16 일 전
  • Yes I would like to see more like this . See how they all get on and watch them beat u at a target challenge

    Just StewmanJust Stewman17 일 전
  • Wish he was my dad

    tanjiro 1tanjiro 117 일 전
  • Tape his glasse black on the left side when he shots

    Ras EthioRas Ethio17 일 전
  • U can't watch this and say tht guns are bad look at there faces lol it's all threw safety I first learned how to shoot with a old red rider

    David IveyDavid Ivey17 일 전
  • Simply safe doesn't call police it calls mat

    ahsan khanahsan khan17 일 전
  • I shoot my dads AR and it has a scope no suppresser and usually I get it closer than my dad and everyone else and I have a little 22 from the 50s that I got from my grandpa and he bought the gun for 1.75$

    Jaxen WagleyJaxen Wagley18 일 전
  • The thumbnail is what I think of when I hear American kids

    War thunder_YTCWar thunder_YTC18 일 전
  • Lincoln acts soo much like matt and the girls act like mere

    Brenden AllenBrenden Allen18 일 전
  • Big Red? That stuff is nasty!

    Nate BaileyNate Bailey18 일 전
  • How did his friends get so small?

    Easty NorthyEasty Northy18 일 전