How Long Will it Take WWII Machine Guns to Explode a Camry???

2021. 01. 29.
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    DemolitionRanchDemolitionRanch25 일 전
    • Hey

      ATL TeamATL Team3 일 전
    • Umm mac

      Fletcher RossFletcher Ross3 일 전
    • HOW you get a SHERMAN TANK???

      ECO 19ECO 193 일 전
    • Ye maybe don’t play war thunder

      Elliot SmithElliot Smith4 일 전
    • no

      Ixqv x BIUJitzu ,Ixqv x BIUJitzu ,4 일 전
  • Mat: We don’t have any tanks to shoot Matt again: *has a tank with a machine gun on top*

    HunterZ XHunterZ X5 시간 전
  • "Peoples Saying about global warming": "also DemolitionRanch": How Long Will it Take WWII Machine Guns to Explode a Camry???

    Thanks youtubeThanks youtube7 시간 전
  • nice bro it was sick

    Angus EAngus E8 시간 전
  • When it hits the sprays it explodes

    Frit NobFrit Nob13 시간 전
  • "I find any tanks for us to destroy" Him 9 months ago: "You hold no power here"

    Turtle ManTurtle Man19 시간 전
  • a mp40 aint a machine gun its a machine pistol or sub-machine gun

    ColtsmithColtsmith일 전
  • Rare leak of gta 6 gun test video

    NeonGuyNeonGuy일 전

    Tales of a RedneckTales of a Redneck일 전
  • Me wanting for the tank🙂

    Dr plaugeDr plauge일 전
  • The intro 😂

    Abdul SubhanAbdul Subhan일 전
  • WTF, Russian game???

    XD game ChanelXD game Chanel일 전
  • You didbt shoot the browning

    Maria LoewenMaria Loewen일 전
  • Just wondering, was he at dragonman’s for this video??

    Em aka Lil WeezyEm aka Lil Weezy일 전
  • 2:31

    KeuthonymosKeuthonymos일 전
  • Me sees the the sponcers:Heh i arledy have the tehnologii

    meme eatmeme eat일 전
  • i thought u where gunna shot the tank at it bro damn though

    meglodonmeglodon일 전
  • I wanna know which ebike you own

    Dakota SouthernDakota Southern2 일 전
  • I bet your heart was racing when it caught fire like that 😂🤣😂 By far the greatest video dude

    J DupriestJ Dupriest2 일 전
  • I can do it one bullet if it has gas

    PersonPerson2 일 전
  • What about the bar

    Griffin KellyGriffin Kelly2 일 전
  • Short summary of Murica bringing democracy overseas.

    🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️2 일 전
  • I really wanted to see the BAR

    Brian DeanBrian Dean3 일 전
  • He needs to ask to Borrow Tiger 131

    Depth ChargerDepth Charger3 일 전
  • Привет из россии

    Pavel FedPavel Fed3 일 전
  • Next time use propane tanks and ignite them with RPG's

    Nyarlathotep AgonistesNyarlathotep Agonistes3 일 전
  • no BAR I mad

    Connor WestConnor West3 일 전
  • Fun Fact: Spray Paint is highly flammable so paintcans was a good idea

    derpify group of fivederpify group of five3 일 전
    • Well i guess the gasoline canister they put in there allso helped ;) You can see that the car only catches fire when they hit the canister (red parts are flying out) on the backseat.

      emskirchner Ogeremskirchner Oger일 전
  • like -ive never shot a moving car before- he clearly did not give two fling turds about goldie

    gaberiel caspergaberiel casper3 일 전
  • HOW you get a SHERMAN TANK ???

    ECO 19ECO 193 일 전
  • Gonna be hard to top this one.

    Joe SmithJoe Smith3 일 전
  • Wussup and shit. Incredible vids

    Martin Carbine_Man4Martin Carbine_Man44 일 전
  • You’ve shot a moving car before

    Fine BranchFine Branch4 일 전
  • Now the police nowhere to recover my car demo ranch

    Nicholas PiscitelliNicholas Piscitelli4 일 전
  • you should do this agian but with, explosives, fireworks, propand, paint, and gasoline in side the car.

    IDK. NETIDK. NET4 일 전
  • Rip enviroment

    Kristian DKristian D4 일 전
  • im sad he skipped a gun

    Kellen McAuliffeKellen McAuliffe4 일 전
  • 8:49

    flame gamingflame gaming4 일 전
  • lol there a 50 P propane back there starts laughing wait but says wait I think took it out

    The drawing NoobThe drawing Noob4 일 전
  • R.I.P your go pro man! But good to have a sponsor.

    Krishna RamKrishna Ram4 일 전
  • My grandad was in world war II

    Benji _Benji _4 일 전
  • U skipped the bar

    Jack SoosJack Soos4 일 전
  • Takes 50cal , we need something bigger. Takes out frickin machine gun

    TheGoldGodTheGoldGod4 일 전
  • Sick vid 🤙

    Joe McdunnaJoe Mcdunna5 일 전
  • Your the best man

    Johnny KilpatrickJohnny Kilpatrick5 일 전
  • 8:03 it hit the engine so thats why it burst into flames

    PhvexPhvex5 일 전
  • one of them was a mg 42

    foria lamondsforia lamonds5 일 전
  • lets say that im german and that car is toaltald

    gaberiel caspergaberiel casper5 일 전
  • Never seen a car explode before

    No Face08No Face085 일 전
  • Why not do a Prius

    Tim WestTim West5 일 전
  • 9:57 y dont u just put water or something cold ...extuinguisher?

    SambaSamba6 일 전
  • 7:28 is that a tank!?

    SambaSamba6 일 전
  • Mat are you ok??

    Greg UptonGreg Upton6 일 전
  • Why why the air is now polluted

    Fanboy 2011Fanboy 20116 일 전
  • this is what happens when you play GTA IRL

    helio rodriguezhelio rodriguez6 일 전
  • ...did I miss the BAR?

    WallburtWallburt6 일 전
  • Forbidden popcorn

    Steven SollerSteven Soller7 일 전
  • “War Thunder is lots of fun” almost fun

    ViniVarellaViniVarella7 일 전
    • So true

      Samuel GraciaSamuel Gracia14 시간 전
  • no fuckin way matt got sponsored by wt lmfao

    ViniVarellaViniVarella7 일 전
  • Hi

    Tammy LoosTammy Loos7 일 전
  • Italian R3 in a nutshells

    Kanjeng kikiKanjeng kiki7 일 전
  • In case you didn’t know, it takes 12:31 to destroy a Camry with WWII guns.

    premium cringepremium cringe7 일 전
  • Who else wish Matt wasn't joking about the propane tank

    Colton ThompsonColton Thompson7 일 전
  • I have it on my Xbox 1 x

    The best Farmer 123The best Farmer 1237 일 전
  • BRO. GOT A TANK Machine gun

    Kevin PhanKevin Phan7 일 전
  • That’s why I don’t watch your videos on the first day.

    S WedelS Wedel7 일 전
  • where is DP-28?

    serbiaballserbiaball7 일 전
  • 7:19 - 7:50 🔴NUT!

    Mariios NLEMariios NLE8 일 전
  • IT OK

    Brian SonntagBrian Sonntag8 일 전

    Brian SonntagBrian Sonntag8 일 전
  • Could of shot it with a m2 bazooka

    austin benderaustin bender8 일 전
  • now now where's the bren gun

    Nathalie WaworuntuNathalie Waworuntu8 일 전
  • MG42 sounds pretty awesome

    tkh BloodyBoytkh BloodyBoy8 일 전
  • I play the game all the time

    Beast ModeBeast Mode8 일 전
  • Did you forget about your Goldie she was a moving car RIP Goldie :( 😭

    Navy_Seal_Man_1 MNavy_Seal_Man_1 M8 일 전
  • Ammo prices are rising.....

    Mythias MathewMythias Mathew8 일 전
  • How is it legal for Matt to shoot full auto machine guns like this? Aren’t they a felony for civilian use?

    yoshidawg50yoshidawg508 일 전
  • Best thing I've seen on KOworld in a while. 💣👍

    Samuel LittleSamuel Little8 일 전
  • The destroyer of cars is in this video

    the crazy Goose 224the crazy Goose 2249 일 전
  • 7:00 is when the shooting starts

    RaginmundRaginmund9 일 전
    • Congratulations Matt, you made a 7 minute video into a 12 minute one. 10/10.

      RaginmundRaginmund9 일 전
  • You fucked the atmosphere

    Yazan AbdullahYazan Abdullah9 일 전
  • The unsuitable knickers experimentally look because block recurrently excuse among a hissing bumper. misty, silent verse

    Lucas VlasekLucas Vlasek9 일 전
  • happy valentines day people

    EastonEaston9 일 전
  • It took 43 seconds 7:04 - 7:47

    Avery AmanAvery Aman9 일 전
  • bro what the frick ur polluting the air way too much

    Daniel YaylagulDaniel Yaylagul9 일 전
  • Props to war thunder for picking the right guy to advertise their game.

    Noah FiegelNoah Fiegel9 일 전
  • Is it me or did the slo-mo explosion look photoshopped? 😂

    Miles KoenigMiles Koenig9 일 전
  • So Matt took his pants off as he was running, then put them back on after getting hit?

    White LeviathenWhite Leviathen9 일 전
  • How does somone neglect a car so bad it has no water in it Jesus Christ people of Craigslist stop smoking so much meth

    Butt SnatchButt Snatch9 일 전
  • Where do you even get these weapons cause I friggin want one,

    Butt SnatchButt Snatch9 일 전
  • The Camry is a tank in its own right

    The_One_TitanThe_One_Titan9 일 전

    xxchickenjoexxchickenjoe9 일 전
  • 8mm bigger than 30-06? I THINK NOT!😂

    zane klemanzane kleman9 일 전
  • Is that much smoke healthy for the planet it might get covid bro😂😂😂😂

    iulian muicaiulian muica9 일 전
  • waow this one was epic

    Alex the Pro3Alex the Pro39 일 전
  • Idk why this would be demonetized. Looks like the aftermath of a peaceful protest.

    adrian sanchezadrian sanchez10 일 전
  • I

    Callum R ForbesCallum R Forbes10 일 전
  • Mat: Shoots an MP40 Me, who's first ever gun I shot was an MP40: **EXCITED DRUMMING FINGERS**

    Kaelan WardKaelan Ward10 일 전
  • then we wonder why the climate is fkd.

    Andy Willis AndyAndy Willis Andy10 일 전
    • fuck the climate xd

      Horn BloweRHorn BloweR9 일 전
  • 19,000 dollars for that?

    L BL B10 일 전